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Psychological affects of the slope- Practical example on my own weight loss

Psychological affects of the slope

I’ve been on a (much needed) diet since mid January.  While my progress is going really well, I was looking at the graph I’d made and was surprised how much my attitude changed when I simply changed the ratio of one axis.  I have been working in stats for ~20 years and I’m well aware of how people purposely try and lie/mislead with graphs so I didn’t think changing the ratio would affect my mood but damn was I wrong!

In the below two graphs they both have the exact same slope & R-square however, the one the left is wider (making it seem like my weight-loss is going slower), than the one on the right.

Which graph would you rather be using to see your progress?   And, yes, I know I truncated the graph at 180.  While weight is a “scale” variable (excuse the pun) I have an ideal weight I’m aiming for.  Besides, nobody wan’ts to see me at 100 lbs.

Psychological affects of the slope

Psychological affects of the slope
This experiment reminded me of Dan Ariely’s books. This one is exceptionally well written and thought provoking.

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