RegExMatch example with AutoHotkey

RegExMatch example with AutoHotkeyA subscriber of my YouTube channel had an issue with using RegExMatch.  I decided it was better to walk through the process in a video than to just provide the code.  🙂   As mentioned in the video I highly recommend Jack Dunning’s Regular Expressions AutoHotkey book.

Video demonstrating the RegExMatch example with AutoHotkey

Here is the RegExMatch example with AutoHotkey code


str =
Process created at [ PID: 1872 | TID: 1596 ]
Process created at [ PID: 4180 | TID: 7776 ]
Process created at [ PID: 6860 | TID: 1508 ]

Pos:=1 ;set starting point
loop, {
	Found_Pos:=RegExMatch(str,"O)PID:\s+(\d{3,4})",Obj,Pos) ;Store where found and set obj as content
	Pos:=Found_Pos+StrLen(obj)+1 ;set next Position to start search
	if not obj ;if not found stop looping
		break ;didn't find so break loop
	PID.=obj.1 "`n" ;add found values to PID variable to display later
MsgBox % PID


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