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AutoHotkey Merchandise!

AutoHotkey Merchandise-White Stress ballAs you have probably guessed by now I’m incredibly passionate about AutoHotkey & automation!  I’ve got such a love for it I wanted to be able to have some AutoHotkey merchandise that would both make it easy to get a conversation started around AutoHotkey & to remind my boss that I’m the automation king 👑 !

AutoHotkey Merchandise

These two water bottles are great ways to keep reminding others that you’re an AutoHotkey Pro!

If you’re like me you also deal with “Technophobes” that fear, or don’t understand, technology. I can’t tell you the number of times I would have wanted to have this AutoHotkey stress reliever ball to squeeze-out the pain! LOL

The last AutoHotkey merchandise I had manufactured was because I wanted a “leave behind” to remind people I’ve helped by installing AutoHotkey scripts on their computer. This is to remind them AutoHotkey is helping them work smarter, not harder!  These stickers (there are four in this image) are a very nice quality and easy to apply.

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