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2,000 Adults in US: Research on Artificial Intelligence: Current status of AI knowledge & usage

What happened: The Verge, Vox Media’s Insights and Research team, and The Circus polled over 2,000 U.S. adults to gauge their opinions, thoughts, and desires regarding AI.

What the numbers say: Their findings, titled “Hope, fear, and AI,” show that despite all the media attention, many AI tools still have limited adoption, particularly among older users. Fewer than 60% of respondents have used or heard about ChatGPT, the most popular generative AI tool, with numbers even lower for Microsoft’s Bing AI, Google’s Bard, and Midjourney.  (Sadly Claude2 was not in the survey)

Artificial Intelligence; Impact on Society

Almost 75% of individuals believe AI will have a significant or moderate impact on society, surpassing the percentages for electric vehicles (69%) and the relatively low 34% for NFTs.


How currently use Artificial Intelligence

Generative AI, which includes text, image, and idea creation, is the driving force behind the recent boom. The Verge’s survey found that answering questions and brainstorming were the top AI uses cases among respondents.


Did AI Improve their work?

Moreover, the majority believe that AI outperforms their own capabilities in content creation.

Industries vulnerable to AI

Ryan Wells mentioned this post to me on Reddit which showed the below information on perceived threats by Industry




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