Running selected text in SciTE- Great tip for long AutoHotkey scripts

Running selected text in SciTE

Running selected text in SciTE

When working on longer AutoHotkey scripts, I love being able to just highlight some text and run only it.  This is possible from making some tweaks to your User.Properties file and using this file by JoeDF.

Here is the text you’ll add to your User.Properties file:

#***********Run selection in AutoHotkey*******************$(file.patterns.ahk)=Run selection
#                                  Path to AutoHotkey.exe			Path to SelectRun.ahk
command.45.$(file.patterns.ahk)="B:\Progs\AutoHotkey_L\AutoHotkey.exe" "B:\SelectRun.ahk"

In the below video I walk through how to make updates to the User.Properties file as well as demonstrate Running selected text in SciTE.

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