Customizing your SciTE Status bars: Create your own to your liking!

scite status barCustomizing SciTE4AutoHotkey status bars is a great, easy, way to add more relevant information to your needs.

In the below video I walk through how you can make minor tweaks to your status bar by editing your file.  Further down the page I’ve provided some of the built-in variables however there are a ton of additional ones you can check out the defined variables here.

Here is the syntax I walked through in the below video.  The first statusbar.text.1 that is commented out is one I use by default.

#**********************SciTE Status Bars*********************************
# Commonly used properties are: ReadOnly, EOLMode, BufferLength, NbOfLines (in buffer), SelLength (chars), SelHeight (lines).
# Extra properties defined for the status bar are LineNumber, ColumnNumber, and OverType
# You can also use file properties, which, unlike those above, are not updated on each keystroke: FileName or FileNameExt, FileDate and FileTime and FileAttr.
# Plus CurrentDate and CurrentTime.
# The statusbar.number option defines how many status bars are to be cycled through.
#~ These are additional status bars that could be used by double clicking on the status bar.  First enable the statusbar.number above to have more than 1
#~ statusbar.text.1=Selc:  $(SelLength)   |   Line $(LineNumber) of $(NbOfLines)   |   Column $(ColumnNumber)   |   Path: $(FilePath)   |   Last Modified @ $(FileTime) on $(FileDate)
statusbar.text.1=$(BufferLength) chars in $(NbOfLines) lines  |  Selc:  $(SelLength) chars in $(SelHeight) lines   | Selection:  $(OverType) | End of Line: $(EOLMode) 
statusbar.text.2=Dir: $(FileDir) | Path: $(FilePath) |  Name & Ext: $(FileNameExt) | Name: $(FileName) | Extension: $(FileExt) | Last Modified @ $(FileTime) on $(FileDate) | File Attribs: $(FileAttr)
statusbar.text.3=Date: $(CurrentDate) | Time: $(CurrentTime) | SciTE Home:  $(SciteUserHome)  $(SciteDefaultHome)  
statusbar.text.4=Max File size:$(max.file.size) | Encoding: $( | Default Ext: $(default.file.ext) | Tab size: $(tabsize) 
statusbar.text.5=Py File patterns $(  |  $(  |  $(buffers)  |  $(selection.fore)
statusbar.text.6=Find: $(find.what) | Replacements made: $(Replacements)  
#**********************End of Status Bar*********************************

SciTE4AutoHotkey Status Bar customization video

Built-in variables for SciTE status bar

Variable NameMeaning
FilePathfull path of the current file
FileDirdirectory of the current file without a trailing slash
FileNamebase name of the current file
FileExtextension of the current file
Languagename of the lexer used for the current file
SessionPathfull path of the current session
CurrentSelectionvalue of the currently selected text
CurrentWordvalue of word which the caret is within or near
Replacementsnumber of replacements made by last Replace command
SelectionStartColumncolumn where selection starts
SelectionStartLineline where selection starts
SelectionEndColumncolumn where selection ends
SelectionEndLineline where selection ends
CurrentMessagemost recently selected output pane message
SciteDefaultHomedirectory in which the Global Options file is found
SciteUserHomedirectory in which the User Options file is found
SciteDirectoryHomedirectory in which the Directory Options file is found
APIPathlist of full paths of API files from api.filepattern
AbbrevPathfull path of abbreviations file
ScaleFactorthe screen’s scaling factor with a default value of 100

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