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select multiple items on a form (in mass)

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In order to speed-up our page load times I like to archive items to an old folder.  Unfortunately there is no easy way to select some, but not all, items.   What I really wanted to do is automate select multiple items from a list.

Web scraping with AutoHotKey to the rescue!!! This simple looper is fast, flexible and a life saver. It simply sends tabs and the space key to my browser window saving me a lot of time and mundane work.  Below is the AutoHotKey code which is set to work in Chrome

WinActivate, ahk_class Chrome_WidgetWin_1 ;activate chrome window- lightning fast compared to IE
Loop, 25
Send, {Tab 2} ;sends two tabs
	sleep, 5
Send, {Space} ;selects / deselects item

And here is a video in case you’re not getting the value.

Select multiple items from a list

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