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Shading cells in Excel with AutoHotkey via COM

Shading cells in Excel with AutoHotkeyShading cells in Excel with AutoHotkey

Connecting to Excel with AutoHotkey is a breeze with COM.  Once you have a connection to the correct Excel object (in this case the worksheet) setting the cell shading is super easy!

In the below video I use the following function Shading cells in Excel with AutoHotkey

XL_Handle(XL,3) ;1=Application 2=Workbook 3=Worksheet
;0=clear 1=black 2=none 3=Red 4=Lt Grn 6=Brt Yel 7=Mag 8=brt blu 15=Grey 17=Lt purp  19=Lt Yel 20=Lt blu 22=Salm 26=Brt Pnk 28=Brt Blue

;***********Shading function******************* 
	PXL.Application.ActiveSheet.Range(RG).Interior.ColorIndex :=Color
;  Function for connecting to Excel
XL_Handle(ByRef PXL,Sel){
ControlGet, hwnd, hwnd, , Excel71, ahk_class XLMAIN ;identify the hwnd for Excel
IfEqual,Sel,1, Return, PXL:= ObjectFromWindow(hwnd,-16).application ;Handle to Excel Application
IfEqual,Sel,2, Return, PXL:= ObjectFromWindow(hwnd,-16).parent ;Handlle to active Workbook
IfEqual,Sel,3, Return, PXL:= ObjectFromWindow(hwnd,-16).activesheet ;Handle to Active Worksheet
;***********adapted from ACC.ahk*******************
ObjectFromWindow(hWnd, idObject = -4){
(if Not h)?h:=DllCall("LoadLibrary","Str","oleacc","Ptr")
 If DllCall("oleacc\AccessibleObjectFromWindow","Ptr",hWnd,"UInt",idObject&=0xFFFFFFFF,"Ptr",-VarSetCapacity(IID,16)+NumPut(idObject==0xFFFFFFF0?0x46000000000000C0:0x719B3800AA000C81,NumPut(idObject==0xFFFFFFF0?0x0000000000020400:0x11CF3C3D618736E0,IID,"Int64"),"Int64"), "Ptr*", pacc)=0
 Return ComObjEnwrap(9,pacc,1)

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Shading cells in Excel with AutoHotkey

Video demonstrating Shading cells in Excel with AutoHotkey

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