Skip YouTube Ads with FindText and Control-Clicking

skip YouTube adIn this tutorial I show how I adapted my use of FindText to ControClick the skip YouTube ads button. This was beneficial as it no-longer moves my mouse.  You can get my version of FindText here.

Here’s the script I wrote to skip YouTube ads

Text:="|<YouTube Skip Ads>*89$62.zzzzzzzzzzy7btzzyTyTzStyTzzbzbzbaTzzzkztztzb9cTwDUQDTtiNnzPnaNlyHaQzaRtjT7VtbjtbSNzyMSNvyxrb3zqHaSz0BtyNxatbDrvSPrSNaNnxynaRsCQa1yTa5kzzzzbzzzzzzzzztzzzzzzzzzyTzzzzzs"
loop { ;keep looping over
Sleep,500 ;sleep for 1/2 a second
ok:=FindText(0,0,150000,150000,0,0,Text) ;See if can find the image
if Ok ;if it is found, do the next line
FindText_Control_Click(Ok,X_Adj:=0,Y_Adj:=0,ahkEXE:="chrome.exe") ;Send control click to the position (note, doesn't move mouse)
If ! WinExist("ahk_class Chrome_WidgetWin_1") ;Close if no Chrome window
ExitApp ;If Chrome isn't running, exit




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