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Small Pond Fishing: Identifying ideal customers and going after THEM individually!

If you’re doing “small pond fishing” (have a specific list of people you’re targeting like David Ogilvy did with his  “dream clients”).  In the below seminar with DAve Dee and Mik Stodola they discuss various approaches for going after a small group.   Brilliant stuff!

Unusual Marketing Funnels That Convert Like Magic

Unusual Marketing Funnels That Convert Like Magic

The key idea of the video is that businesses can effectively generate leads and increase conversions by implementing strategies such as direct mail, targeted marketing campaigns, and follow-up methods.

  • 00:00 📝 Robin Robbins successfully applies strategies from billion-dollar businesses to her own multi-million dollar business, showing their universal applicability; the speaker discusses lead generation for service businesses, using both cold and warm approaches.
    • Dave D and his special guest Mike discuss their background and connection, with Mike being a marketing genius and the chief marketing officer for Robin Robbins’ company, and they used to work together for GKIC, founded by Dan Kennedy.
    • Robin Robbins has successfully integrated principles and strategies from top billion-dollar businesses into her multi-million dollar business, proving that these strategies can be applied to any industry.
    • The speaker discusses how they generate leads for their clients in the service business, using both cold lead generation to attract new customers and warm lead generation to engage existing customers.
  • 03:06 📩 Using direct mail, repeated campaigns, and follow-up methods like phone calls and retargeting, businesses can effectively start conversations, set up consultations, and increase website visits and conversions.
    • They use direct mail as a way to start conversations and follow up with potential customers, sending out 500 to a thousand pieces a week and repeating the campaign every six months.
    • Run the same successful campaign multiple times, starting with a small number of leads, and follow up with phone calls to set up consultations with salespeople.
    • They follow up three to five times with direct mail, phone calls, and retargeting on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Display Network, with LinkedIn sponsored in mail being the best converting and lowest cost method.
    • Selling business to business can be done through a direct mail strategy, such as the aspirin mailer, which is a unique and effective approach.
    • Using grabber mailings, such as attaching an aspirin package to a letter, and following up with phone calls, can significantly increase website visits and conversions.
  • 07:55 📢 Overall strategy is more important than tactics in marketing, and direct mail can be effective if followed up with phone calls, using a script, and making multiple calls.
    • The speaker emphasizes the importance of overall strategy rather than focusing solely on tactics.
    • Direct mail is an essential part of marketing, but it is often ineffective because people neglect to follow up with phone calls, use a script, or make multiple calls, which are crucial for success.
  • 09:55 💡 Financial advisors and estate planning attorneys can find joint venture partners to promote their services, consistently follow up with marketing campaigns, and use creative tactics like using a dollar bill and postcards to achieve effective results.
    • Financial advisors or estate planning attorneys can use the strategy of finding 100 joint venture partners to promote their services and collaborate with other professionals in their field.
    • The speaker emphasizes the importance of consistently following up with marketing campaigns and using the same successful strategy across different areas to achieve effective results.
    • The speaker uses a dollar bill as a marketing tactic and follows up with postcards and mailers to maintain interest and potential conversions.
  • 12:28 🎯 Focus on building a direct mail campaign and online funnel, targeting specific prospects to avoid costly leads and achieve successful marketing conversions.
    • Focus on building a direct mail campaign and an online funnel by targeting specific prospects instead of relying on Facebook to find clients for you.
    • Choose targeting options carefully to avoid getting leads that are not the right match, as this can result in higher costs per lead.
    • Hair salons often opt in for IT services marketing funnels, so the company pays someone to search for IT companies in the Atlanta area on Google and then targets them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
    • Instead of using a shotgun approach, it is important to target the right audience at the right time in order to achieve successful marketing conversions.
  • 15:46 📊 Targeting prospects based on research is more effective than targeting a general audience, and strategies like direct mail and Facebook ads can provide a higher ROI compared to broad targeting.
    • The speaker addresses a question from Sean at the end of the video.
    • The difference between a lead and a prospect is that a lead has shown interest in communicating, while a prospect is a potential buyer who has not yet shown interest, and it is more effective to target prospects based on research rather than just targeting a general audience.
    • Targeting specific individuals through direct mail or Facebook ads can be more effective and provide a higher return on investment compared to targeting a broad audience.
    • The speaker discusses the strategy of getting cold leads through traditional opt-in pages and free report requests.
  • 19:53 📝 Using a sales letter template, the speaker achieved seven-figure sales by converting leads through webinars and offering a formula for results without marketing costs, while emphasizing the importance of short micro trainings and viewer engagement.
    • Using a sales letter template, the speaker generated seven figures in sales and found success in converting leads through webinars and finding the right hook, such as offering a formula for achieving results without spending money on marketing.
    • The speaker discusses the process of keeping micro trainings around 20 minutes and encourages viewers to ask questions and provide feedback.
  • 22:13 💡 A financial advisor uses a multi-step process involving direct mail, reports, calls, and lead generation funnels to convert interested individuals into customers, with the option of offering a one-hour consultation and utilizing follow-up phone calls to increase response rates.
    • The core conversion process involves starting with direct mail or a report, followed by a three to five call system and offering a free download of the report and instant access to the audio in exchange for first name, last name, and email, and then offering a hard copy of the report in exchange for phone number and address.
    • Around a third of people in the financial advisor’s business are willing to provide extra information, and the company uses a two-step process to gather this information and then sells their services through a one-hour consultation.
    • They send out mailers and immediately funnel leads into their lead generation funnel, utilizing Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google retargeting ads, with the goal of converting interested individuals into customers.
    • Special envelopes are only used if needed, and in a 26-week campaign, converted leads do not receive the rest of the mailings.
    • Sending out a thousand dollar bills to a thousand people a week can cost about six thousand dollars, but it is not necessary to start with that amount and one can start with smaller investments of time.
    • Sending follow-up phone calls to people who click on emails can result in a 500-700% increase in response rates for booking consultations, making it an effective internal lead generation strategy.


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