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SPSS macro performs K-means Cluster analysis and does the “heavy lifting”

SPSS macroI frequently play around with multivariate techniques like K-means cluster analysis in SPSS.  There were some big holes in the SPSS procedure that performs cluster analysis so wrote an SPSS Macro to automate what I wanted to be done.    Below is a  quick demo of the macro in use. It can really save a bunch of time!  A few things mine does differently is:

  1. assigns labels to the segments (these will be changed later but butter than just a 1,2,3)
  2. Computes frequencies on the size of the segments (Why SPSS doesn’t do this automatically is beyond me)
  3. Color-codes and merges the significance testing in with the profile-plot showing what is different.

SPSS macro performing K-means Cluster analysis



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