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SPSS macro – Repurposing the file path for multiple uses

SPSS macro
I write a TON of SPSS code and work with colleagues around the world as well as on different computers which have different drives – paths available. This SPSS macro shows how you can get around a lot of the headaches dealing with these issues.  There are some other SPSS commands that can be used similarly however I find this exceptionally helpful as I can reference it when I’m merging files, exporting to text / Excel, saving output, etc.

SPSS macro

/***********************Save file macro********************************.
Define !Sav (File=!TOKENS(1)) Save OutFile=!path+!file+'.sav' /Compressed. !enddefine.

/***********************Get file and show N********************************.
Define !Get (File=!TOKENS(1))
Get File=!path+!file+'.sav'. 
show n.


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