Automating prep work for SQL in list query of hundreds-thousands of items

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SQL in List

Often I have a list of hundreds (sometimes thousands) of items that I need to insert into a  query. Unfortunately I can only add 99 items at a time.

This video demonstrates how my script replaces the first 98 line breaks with commas and wrap items already having a comma with special characters to escape them.    This is perfect for my SQL in list query!  What would have taken me several minutes or longer is now done in the blink of an eye  (while also escaping illegal characters).  The below video demonstrates it’s usage and further down the page is the AutoHotkey code that cranks it out!


Video demonstrating how the SQL in list works

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AutoHotkey code:

;***********save clipboard to retore later******************* 
Store:=ClipboardAll  ;Store full version of Clipboard
  clipboard = ; Empty the clipboard
  SendInput, ^c ;changd from Send  11/23
  ClipWait, 1
    If ErrorLevel ;Added errorLevel checking
        MsgBox, No text was sent to clipboard
;***********remove blank lines*******************       
Loop,parse,Clipboard,`n`r ;loops through lines
  New:=RegExReplace(A_LoopField,"^\s?$","") ;if line only has white space
    If (new!="") 
      NewText.=new "`r`n"  

;***********clean up the text******************* 
Trimmed:=RegExReplace(clipboard, "m)^\s?(.*)\s?$","$1") ;trim spaces from both sides
;***********************wrap special characthers********************************.
StringReplace, Trimmed, Trimmed, &, '||'&'||',All ;wrap commas
StringReplace, Trimmed, Trimmed, ', '',All ; double up ' so it escapes it

;***********************Create groups of 999********************************.
  NewStr := RegExReplace(Trimmed, "`r`n", "','",1,998,1)  ;998 is max
  AddBreak := RegExReplace(NewStr, "`r`n", "`n`r*****************" . (A_Index*1000)+1 . "*****************`r",1,1,1)  
   If (AddBreak=NewStr) ;check to see if done looping through all items
   Trimmed:=AddBreak ; 
Clipboard := RegExReplace(NewStr, "','$", "") ; Delete ending ','

;***********restore clipboard******************* 
SendEvent , ^v
Sleep, 50

;***********wipe out vars of  SQL in list******************* 
New:="" , newstr:="" , newText:="" , Trimmed:="" , Addbreak:=""  ; Empty vars


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