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January 2023 Chat GPT Examples and Resources

;*********Chat GPT-3 usage & news 1/21 – 1/25*********************

AI Chat GPT 3 News & resources Jan 25th, 2023

AI Chat GPT 3 News & resources Jan 25th, 2023

  • Conversation between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs about AutoHotkey
  • Script to adjust Preview Handlers in Windows Registry
  • Icon selection from system32.dll
  • Wrote a letter to Admin of Community explaining I was quitting unless I got a discount
  • create your own images out of originals without copywriting
  • Krisp: Krisp’s AI removes background voices, noises, and echo from your calls, giving you peace of call (Works great!)
  • Beatoven: Create unique royalty-free music 
  • Cleanvoice: Automatically edit your podcast episodes and clean up the audio
  • Illustroke: Create killer vector images from prompts
  • Patterned: Generate the patterns you need for and designs
  • Stockimg: Generate perfect stock photos you need
  • CopyAI: AI Generated copy, that actually increases conversion (great tool!)
  • CopyMonkey: Create amazing Amazon listings in seconds
  • Ocoya: Create and schedule social media content 10 times faster than before  (Buffer HootSuite)
  • Vidyo: Make short-form videos from long-form content in no time
  • Maverick: Generate personalized videos at scale
  • Puzzle: Build an AI-powered knowledge base  / puzzles for your team and customers (gamify your work)
  • Otter: Capture, summarize, and share insights from your meetings
  • Eightify: Summarize video / meetings


;*********Chat GPT-3 usage & news 1/13 – 1/20*********************

Chat GPT 3 usage and examples 1/18/2023 (and some cool AHK Scripts)

Chat GPT 3 usage and examples 1/18/2023 (and some cool AHK Scripts)

  • I also enjoyed this video with Satya Nadella (Microsoft’s CEO).  He discussed many things about AI, how it will displace jobs (similarly to the Industrial revelution), The growth of AI is exponention (not linear) and how it really provides “leverage” for making us more productive.
  • Eightify will proivde bullet points to summarize videos (thanks AHK Hero Thomas)
  • Use Chat GPT-3 as a thesauras (help find the right word)
  • Create Elapsed Time AHK Function
  • Helped proivde ideas for the “batching” post & video
  • Had Chat GPT-3 create write code to bold selected word in Excel (just testing to see what it would provide)
  • Create list of Quick Access Popup benefits
  • Lumen5 – Create videos for social media
  • Replika– AI Companion
  • Quillbot– paraphrase your writing
  • AIPRM for SEO-  Help provide context to your prompts to get better info out of Chat GPT-3
  • Aiva – Emotional soundtrack music
  • AI.imageEnlarger – enlarge and manipulate images
  • KrispAI– background noise reduction / remover
  • List of AI Resources to search AI tools (Thanks  AHK Hero Ray)
  • ShareGPT– Share your ChatGPT conversations (thanks Ray)
  • ChatGPTSummary.ahk– AutoHotkey to share summaries of Chat GPT-3
  • AutoHotkey Prompt:  Provide context to Chat GPT-3 so you get better results

🤖 AI revolutionizes video: Goodbye static footage, hello dynamic magic! 🤯

🤖 AI revolutionizes video: Goodbye static footage, hello dynamic magic! 🤯

;*********Chat GPT-3 usage & news 1/08 – 1/12*********************

AI Chat GPT 3 Usage examples and Resources 2023/01/11

AI Chat GPT 3 Usage examples and Resources 2023/01/11

  • Seven bigest AI Stories of 2022
  • BHuman  Create custom videos
  • Browse AI – AI web scraping
  • D-ID – Speaking AVatars
  • Tome– Story telling / create a presentation
  • ComposeAI – Chrome extension to help you write
  • Heyday – will record your browser
  • Had Chat GPT-3 write spss syntax to use the If any command for flagging email addresses
  • 100 best Chat GPT-3 prompts
  • Best prompts / guides for AI
  • Asked it to create a tool that would convert CURL requests into AutoHotkey code using WinHTTPRequest/COM object
  • Asked it to standardize the case of all variables
  • Helped us track down sql query issues & realize our data in specific places had errors
  • Base64 encoding library giving odd error when converted to V2.
  • used to abbreviate words and replace undersscores in survey variable names
  • Boomy – create songs and music
  • Fake you– (fakes celebs /movies / etc. -text to speech)
  • Runway – video editing and can remove things from the vid
  • Flow CV–  create resumes very quickly
  • Designify – editing pictures and more
  • Renderforest– Craig’s high quality graphics and videos plus animated videos
  • Huemint –   Color schemes for brands / websites /etc.
  • Quick Draw!  AI will guess is what you’re drawing
  • Rytr – Quickly writing blog posts
  • InVideo Create videos from pictures and text
  • Steve.Ai  text to video
  • Super meme – create custom memes
  • Uberduck – Voice automation text to speech (famous voices etc.)
  • Cleanup. pictures  remove unwanted stuff easily
  • Deep Nostalgia – make animated pictures of parents/grand parents
  • Lalal.ai – Separate audio from track (or specific instruments, people talking etc.)
  • Google Docs and voice support

;***********Chat GPT-3 usage 1/01/23 to 1/07/23*******************

🔥Unleash the power of GPT with these 💻chat usage tips and resources! 🚀

🔥Unleash the power of GPT with these 💻chat usage tips and resources! 🚀

  • Generate AutoHotkey FAQ page
  • Writing a google schema from text
  • Optimizing Video and Article headlines  (Here is the hotstring i use: :o:head.::rewrite the following headline to be more click-bait and under 100 characters. include emojis whenever possible: “”{left 1} )
  • Create a list of potential database fields from a description
  • Insert a picture with COM in powerpoint
  • New Years eve AutoHotkey party ideas
  • SPSS find position of first @ sign
  • Convert an excel formula to power query syntax
  • Chat GPT-3 prompt book
  • List of 50+ clever prompts
  • Chat GPT-3 template for Complex RegEx
  • vscode extensions for chat-gpt
  • Chrome Extension to Advanced Chat GPT-3 is connected to the Internet


AutoHotkey Webinar- Intro to Neural Networks

Video Hour 1:  High Level: Intro to Neural Networks

Our guest presenter, Giordanno (Gio) Sperotto did an amazing job covering an intro to Neural Networks.

  1. Present some current uses for neural networks (examples to light up curiosity in the subject)
  2. Introduction to the algorithms (Using a simple excel sheet and Paint.NET file, the aim is to provide an overview of a very (VERY) simplified step-by-step process)
  3. Discuss the example in the tutorial (going through the problem and the .ahk code)
  4. Discuss AutoHotkey as a possible tool and also some other possible tools (Python, TensorFlow, etc)
  5. Brief Talk about some existing online courses and content (Udacity, Udemy, Youtube Channels, etc)
  6. Brief Talk about Jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities
  7. Discuss other advanced concepts (Bias, Activation Functions, Learning Rate, Cost-Function, Multiple Layers, BackPropagation, Convolutional NN, Recursive NN, Supervised and Unsupervised Learning, etc)

Video Hour 2: Coding and Q&A

Script Highlight: EntryForm() by Coco


Easy / quick way to create GUIs to capture user input with AutoHotkey.  Data captured is dumped into an AHK object.

Here is a link to EntryForm Example and script demonstrated during the webinar.





Resources for Neural Networks

AutoHotkey Forum post-



AutoHotkey Webinar- Spreading AHK Luv & Making Money with AutoHotkey

In our first hour of today’s webinar we talked through the below points on how to improve adoption rate of AutoHotkey for users as well as making money with AutoHotkey.

The second hour dove a bit deeper into both topics and discussed other subjects related to these.

Script Highlight:

FindText – Capture Screen Image & Find it

Don’t let the name “FindText” fool you (it isn’t about ‘text’)

 Things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you keep the same: Screen resolution, magnification, font, zoom
  • Test Grayscale vs Color
  • You can adjust the size of the capture area (but smaller is generally better)
  • Tutorial 1 demonstrating the function and an Example using it
  • Function to help take action on what you find

PowerPoint deck / Resources:

Which best describes your Organization’s current RPA (Robotics Process Automation) adoption level?
Here is the full Slide deck, podcast, and book entitled: Service Automation: Robots and the Future of Work 2016 by Leslie P. Willcocks (Author), Mary Lacity (Author)

Misconceptions of RPA / Desktop Automation

Desktop Automation

  • …is only used to reduce workload & lay-off employees
  • …is mainly driven by cost savings
  • completely replaces the need for a person

Why Don’t More People Automate / Use AutoHotkey?

  • People do notlike change. (correlation with age?)
  • People don’t realize what canbe automated (“think small” – “magic redo” button?)
  • Managers / Decision makers think it is “too expensive
  • No “GUI” to use for creating scripts.  Non-techies get “overwhelmed” with coding.
  • Everyone is “too busy” to learn how to save time. Even though they’re interested in saving time they don’t find time to learn how to automate. (Story of a wood cutter is a great analogy; remember to take time to ‘sharpen the saw’)
  • Some people are too proud to let-on that they really don’t understand what you’re doing. They might try it on their own but get frustrated and give up after 15 minutes.  (Perhaps reviewing 1-1 is better than in groups?)
  • Managers oftendo not encourage their employees to automate. (I’ve had several bosses that told me NOTto automate.)
  • Most people think short-termand not long-term. This can present itself in the following dimensions
  • The job is “too small” to be automated (almost never true)
  • The job is a “1-time” need (rarely, if ever, the case; the “job” might be but the “approach” is bound to come up again)
  • I’m the only one that would use this (rarely the case)
  • It will take too long to write code to automate (I think this is one of the best things about AutoHotkey.  FAST!)
  • It must be “fully automated” (No need to automate the entire process)
  • Not considering “side-effects” of automation (tracking log to examine events, employee / customer satisfaction etc.)

Best Approach to Get Adopters

1.Don’t overwhelm them with all that AutoHotkey can do!

  • Only get them to learn 1 thing!
  • Give them time to learn/adopt that and then come back with additional tips

2.Curtail what you demonstrate to the prospect’s level

  • Luddites- Stick to HotKeys and HotStrings
  • Somewhat Nerdy- Demonstrate some scripts, Input box, Sending keystrokes / Clicks, File manipulation
  • Nerds- Whatever their need! (Dll calls, Image search, API calls, Web Scraping, Objects, RegEx, GUIs, etc.)

3.Get a senior-level advocate (Director or above)

  • Senior people see the cost-savings
  • Your supervisor will think your coding is counting against “their time”
  • Colleagues might be worried you’re “automating” them out of a job
  • IT also might try and road-block you. Get the business to “demand” it

4.Create custom script for their needs

  • Don’t build in all bells-whistles

Making Money with AutoHotkey

General Models

  • Selling generic programs / scripts to large audience
  • Selling custom scripts to individuals / company
  • Getting paid to code (they own the intellectual property) & you get paid by hour

Getting Paid


Shareware / Freeware / Donations

Rich” Target markets

  • Lots of people doing same job function
  • “Thankless” / mundane jobs with clear logic/ “rules-based” descisions and structured data
  • Lots of, repetitive, transactions
  • Non-programming “business” people
  • People with Money!!!
  • Sales people!
  • Realestate

Incentives / Benefits to Highlight to Potential Clients

  • Employee / man-hour savings resulting in high ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Better quality results than from humans / Higher compliance
  • Faster deployment getting things done (clients / customers are happier)
  • Increased scalability
  • Happier, more productive, employees
  • Have more “Meta-Data” to do analysis on
  • The more you do, the easier it gets
  • The more you automate, the more time you have to automate


AutoHotkey Webinar- Parsing plain text with AutoHotkey

Video Hour 1: High-level overview:AutoHotkey Merchandise-White Stress ball

In the first hour of our AutoHotkey webinar we demonstrated Quick Access Popup from our guest speaker Jean Lalonde.  It is an amazingly customizable tool that allows you to have what you want at your fingertips!

Here is an abbreviated list of some of the great features:

  1. Create shortcuts to folders, programs, files, links, Snippets, special folders, etc.
  2. Easily create Hotkeys for above shortcuts
  3. Works with most Open/Save dialog boxes
  4. Integrated with most file managers (Windows Explorer, Directory Opus, Total Commander, etc.)
  5. The tool itself is highly customizable
  6. Have “shared” sections as well as individual ones
  7. Organize your menu into folders & sub-folders
  8. Customize Menu/GUI shortcut with an icon (that makes sense to you)
  9. Available in 10 languages

You can watch a short overview video here or get a deeper dive here.  Jean was kind enough to walk me through his tool in this video.

We then talked about what a “text file” is and frequent sources of them (Export from programs, sever logs, emails, etc).  We also briefly discussed what is File / Character Encoding & why are there frequent problems with it (this is a very deep topic which we could have spent days discussing!)

Also discussed  what a “flat file” is and how they are different than:

  • Multi-row files
  • Relational files
  • XML and JSON files

We then shared some of the frequently used built-in commands and functions for parsing text in AutoHotkey.

Then we got into various custom-built in libraries and functions

Then our guest speaker, Jean, took over walking us through some examples of common problems with AutoHotkey LoopParse command

The library is pretty cool and here are some of the main functions available:

  • CSV2Collection() – Transfer the content of a CSV file to a collection of objects.
  • Collection2CSV() – Transfer the selected fields from a collection of objects to a CSV file.
  • Collection2Fixed() – Transfer the selected fields from a collection of objects to a fixed-width file.
  • Collection2HTML() – Builds an HTML file based on a template where variables are replaced with content.
  • Collection2XML() – Builds an XML file from the content of the collection.
  • Collection2ListView() – Transfer the selected fields from a collection of objects to ListView.
  • ListView2Collection() – Transfer the selected lines of the selected columns of a ListView to a collection of objects.

ObjCSV Examples:  Here are the files Jean worked through.

  • SIMPLE CSV FILE – COMA DELIMITED (TheBeatles-coma.txt)
  • SIMPLE CSV FILE – TAB DELIMITED – ISSUE #1 (TheBeatles-tab.txt)
  • MULTI-LINE CSV FILE – COMA DELIMITED – ISSUE #2 (TheBeatles-Lyrics.txt)

Jean then gave us a review of how to use his ObjCSV library

  • Example using ObjCSV_CSV2Collection
  • SIMPLE CSV FILE – COMA DELIMITED (TheBeatles-coma.txt)
  • GUI Example using Collection2ListView
  • EXPORT HTML Example using ObjCSV_Collection2HTML

Wrapping up the first section we then saw a peak at CSVBuddy

CSVBuddy Examples

  • Reading large file with auto-detection
  • Editing field names, re-order or select fields
  • Saving options
  • Saving file with multi-line content converted to single-line (Excel-ready)
  • Reverting the single-line file to multi-line (for example, after manipulation in Excel)

Video Hour 2: Q&A:

In the second hour we discussed various issues working with text data as well as took a deeper look into Quick Access Popup.

Near the end of the time Capn Odin shared a Trie script he’s been working on.  You can check out the script on the forum