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Amazing Advanced course on AutoHotkey Objects and Classes – Coming in 2022

We’re working on an advanced course deep-diving into Objects in AutoHotkey.  In the Intermediate AutoHotkey course I covered some of the basics of storing data in Objects however, with the help of RaptorX / Isaias Baez I’m creating a course that dives deep into AutoHotkey Objects and Classes

We’re finalizing the outline and beginning to produce the videos.  Below is a current peak into what will be covered.  If you’d like to stay informed, please complete this short form and we’ll keep you in the loop!

AutoHotkey Objects and Classes

  • What AutoHotkey objects and classes are and why you should learn them
  • What can be done with objects
  • Diving into: Items, Keys, Properties and Methods
  • Quick refresher on Functions
  • Object Types (Arrays, Associative Arrays, Multi-dimensional arrays, Maps (new in V2
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Dot Notation and Object Oriented Principles
  • Functional Programming Concepts and Terminology
  • Creating your own Objects & Classes
  • What is a COM Object & Why you should use one
  • What COM objects are available
  • Reading and Understanding the MSDN Documentation
  • Nuances & best practices

Intro to Classes in AutoHotkey in AutoHotkey

Intro to ClassesToday we had a great Intro to Classes in AutoHotkey by Jean Lalonde, author of Quick Access Popup.

As mentioned in the video, we had webinar teaching an Intro to Classes in AutoHotkey back in 2018.  I wanted to revisit the topic and Jean agreed to give us a good introduction to classes.

Jean mentioned a good precursor of this video is the webinar we had on Objects

He also mentioned a few tutorials on the forum.  Here are a few Intro to Classes in AutoHotkey that he mentioned

Intro to Classes in AutoHotkey Tutorial