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Built-in VS Code Hotkeys | Printable list of 141 amazing hotkeys and how to customize them

Built-in VS Code HotkeysVS Code is an amazing editor / IDE!  In this AutoHotkey webinar Isaias showed us how to configure it and walked us through some of the great functionality like debugging and GIT integration.  I really love how VS code handles hotkeys.  In some ways its very similar to AHK Studio in that you can easily type in the search to bring up the hotkeys and then change any one you want.  Get the VS code extensions to adapt the hotkeys to other editors.

You can download the printable file with built in hotkeys here

Reviewing Built-in VS Code Hotkeys

Print out these 79 built in hotkeys for Notepad++ and start working smarter, not harder

From built in hotkeys for Notepad++the AutoHotkey User Survey we did earlier this year, Notedpad++ was the most frequently used AutoHotkey editor (Nearly 30% reported using it).  I’ve used it however I prefer AHK Studio for programming in AutoHotkey and SciTE4AutoHotkey for all other editing needs.

Anyway, if you’re a Notepad++ user, I highly recommend you download this zip file which I put together with the best .

79 built in hotkeys for Notepad++ Overview

37 Amazing Windows keyboard shortcuts | Print out this awesome cheat-sheet & begin memorizing them today

37 Must-know Windows keyboard shortcuts / Hotkeys

It’s hard to believe, but I created this document over 20 years ago!  I was watching my classmates fumble around on their computers and put together a list of great Windows shortcuts / Hotkeys that they should memorize.   All but one date back to 1998!  But don’t worry, while I created this a long time ago, they have all stood the test of time!

This used to have 36 Must Know shortcuts but I realized I forgot to at the Windows+V shortcut for the Clipboard history manager in Windows 10+

Amazingly very little has changed since then!  I added one new hotkey (for emoticons)


Windows keyboard shortcuts Walkthrough- These are all great hotkeys to memorize

87 Amazing Built-in Hotkeys for AHK Studio | Be more productive with AutoHotkey studio TODAY!

Hotkeys for AHK StudioAHK Studio is an amazing editor for AutoHotkey!  I’ve made over 40 tutorials documenting how to level-up your programming by using it.  Unfortunately, for many, it has a bit of a learning curve.  I created a couple of printable files which will help you memorize the 87 built-in hotkeys for AHK Studio

Here is a video where you discussing some of the amazing built-in hotkeys (you can adjust them to your desire)
If you provide your email address, you can download the files mentioned in the video here

Walk through of 87 Built-in Hotkeys for AHK Studio