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17 times where AutoHotkey is Case Sensitive

 In general we think of AutoHotkey as not being case sensitive however we put together the below list which shows 17 times that AutoHotkey is case sensitive!

16+ 1 bonus “gotcha” times AutoHotkey is Case Sensitive
16+ 1 bonus

  • Window titles, accessed through WinGetTitle, are a notorious “gotcha” that trips people up.
  • While you can make them case insensitive, Maps are, by default, case sensitive.
  • Switches are great but you better be sure you get the case matched!
  • Other language’s COM-objects
  • RegEx are easily made case insensitive
  • Strict variable comparisons using ==
  • FormatTime is amazing but careful study is needed to use it properly
  • When used in the Loop Parse Delimiter
  • Surprisingly StrSplit() does care which case you’re splitting on
  • Not surprisingly Ord() and Chr()

AutoHotkey Can be made Case Sensitive

The bonus time AutoHotkey is Case Sensitive is a bit complicated.  When you’re using a Regular Expression to find a window’s title AND class (or Exe).  You can check it out in the above video or read more about it here.