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2,000 Adults in US: Research on Artificial Intelligence: Current status of AI knowledge & usage

What happened: The Verge, Vox Media’s Insights and Research team, and The Circus polled over 2,000 U.S. adults to gauge their opinions, thoughts, and desires regarding AI.

What the numbers say: Their findings, titled “Hope, fear, and AI,” show that despite all the media attention, many AI tools still have limited adoption, particularly among older users. Fewer than 60% of respondents have used or heard about ChatGPT, the most popular generative AI tool, with numbers even lower for Microsoft’s Bing AI, Google’s Bard, and Midjourney.  (Sadly Claude2 was not in the survey)

Artificial Intelligence; Impact on Society

Almost 75% of individuals believe AI will have a significant or moderate impact on society, surpassing the percentages for electric vehicles (69%) and the relatively low 34% for NFTs.


How currently use Artificial Intelligence

Generative AI, which includes text, image, and idea creation, is the driving force behind the recent boom. The Verge’s survey found that answering questions and brainstorming were the top AI uses cases among respondents.


Did AI Improve their work?

Moreover, the majority believe that AI outperforms their own capabilities in content creation.

Industries vulnerable to AI

Ryan Wells mentioned this post to me on Reddit which showed the below information on perceived threats by Industry




Chat GPT AutoHotkey tools: Unlock the full potential of ChatGPT3 with these must-have amazing AHK Tools❗

🚀Unlock the full potential of ChatGPT3 with these must-have AutoHotkey tools!🔥

This video is about utilizing Chat GPT AutoHotkey tools to enhance the experience of using ChatGPT3.

Joe, introduces two scripts that he created: “Chat GPT summary” and “AutoHotkey rules.” The Chat GPT summary script allows users to quickly share the titles of the latest activities in ChatGPT with a recipient of their choice by pressing Ctrl + G. The AutoHotkey rules script is used to set instructions for ChatGPT3 to follow. The speaker also mentions an extension called “Share GPT” that adds a “Share” button, allowing users to share the whole thread with others in a formatted and easy-to-follow manner. The speaker emphasizes that the information in each thread is lost when a new thread is started, so uploading the information into the user’s own environment is the next big step.

🚀Unlock the full potential of ChatGPT3 with these must-have Chat GPT AutoHotkey tools !🔥

🚀Unlock the full potential of ChatGPT3 with these must-have AutoHotkey tools!🔥

And get the summary

Transcript:  Chat GPT AutoHotkey tools

(00:00) hey everyone it’s Joe this is here from the automator and today we got some really cool stuff really focused around mostly Auto hockey with chat cheap BT and there’s a couple tools that we wrote and then one extension that comes in really handy using it so why don’t you go ahead and show the the first one here okay so I just created two scripts one of them is the chat upd summary it allows us to it helps you share the titles of the latest things that you have done in chat GPT because we we wanted to kind of like help you share

(00:34) ideas on how you’re using the tool so it is very simple you go to chat GPT you make sure that the bar is visible here on the left what you do is you press Ctrl G and it would automatically read all the titles on the left bar and just create a quick email this email address here can be configured to somebody else so part of of the ideas that you can set any recipient that you want and the idea is to have a quick summary of how you have been using chat GPT on the past few days just to get interesting ideas on

(01:14) how you can actually use it so this is a very quick example of uh using the interface the UIA interface to grab stuff from the screen right so in this script if you actually study the script you learn you can you know possibly learn a little bit about using UIA also about using the Run command with an email address the the one trick is the people have to have like the default client yes that is correct if not um it does get copied to your clipboard so if it doesn’t work for you just go to an email and paste and it’ll have the

(01:48) content right you should have the content in in your clipboard after use so if you do not have a default client installed it doesn’t matter you still have the data there now um the other one that we discussed was the one for creating kind of like little rules for Auto hotkey for chat GPT-3 sorry so we tell chat I thought we tell GPT that autohockey rules as well but here’s the thing so sometimes when when you tell it to write screen ribs there’s a few things that she does a little bit you know she’s

(02:25) getting a little bit creative so what we do is that we created a hot string which of course you can change but this is kind of like a a setup I just tell her that when she’s gonna start she just follows this set of instructions and after I do that every single one of the prompts that I create after that and actually uh yeah she will know that she should follow one of those preferences of course you can change those to anything you like but this is just at least an idea of what you can tell her to go ahead and follow your instructions

(03:01) for every single script she creates within that thread right yes in that thread that’s the important part about chat GPT-3 is it’s it’s really a garbage and garbage out kind of thing if if you don’t set the stage and give it some things to say make sure you do it in this way it’ll take Liberty and do it however it wants to and often it makes up its own things and it doesn’t actually really write the functions so we put in a lot of things that just help kind of instantiate it right to guide it

(03:28) yeah get it ready and this way when you actually use it to create a hockey script it is more likely to give you a working Auto Auction script with functions that actually exist uh it’s not perfect but it does help we also did a little testing that you can keep going and going in this one thread and for the most part it seems to follow along so you can have basically an auto hotkey thread right you can do this once now we put it into a hot string so we can just throw it in whenever we want to or uh to dump it in there but that is correct now

(04:01) uh the last one that I think we is not another hotkey script or anything it is a an extension that I downloaded if I remember correctly was the shared Chat GPT here it is share GPT and that extension adds an additional button here as you can see that says share and what it does is that it grabs that thread the whole thread and allows you to have kind of like a shareable link that you can go ahead and paste it could be on a on a different computer to another person and they could see the whole thread so in case that you

(04:39) found you did something that is really uh interesting like hey how how do I use this function or whatever and you want to share that with somebody else you do not have to copy paste or you know you just hit this share button and you get the whole threat everything that you did up to the point that you finished is going to be in the thread and it is really it keeps the formatting so it’s really easy to follow so that was the other one that we wanted to kind of like share yeah so uh let us know if you found these useful and how you’re using Chat GPT-3

(05:10)  if you want to comment below if you learned something here about these Chat GPT AutoHotkey tools please like the video it really helps us out and uh yeah we’re we’re still hitting it hard with chat GPT we’ve got it where we’re uploading files into our own environment that’ll be the next real big aha is where we’ve so when you do this you are in this thread teaching customizing chat gbt it’s learning this is what I want with this thread but once that thread ends it goes away right right as soon as you start a new thread

(05:39) then it is kind of like reset completely so you can go back to that thread don’t get me wrong and they’ll still have that but the point being like it’s it’s kind of a stale thing now we’re uploading into our own environment and uploading files and doing stuff that’ll be our environment that doesn’t just go away and it’ll keep learning and stuff so we’re hoping to be able to really train it better on auto hotkey and have something that’s you know even better than it does to

(06:03) actually Chat GPT does amazing stuff without a hockey for for one from language it’s not really that popular it’s pretty impressive that it’s writing code as close as it gets honestly that is correct thanks everyone um talk to you soon cheers bye.   Make sure you download the Chat GPT AutoHotkey tools!