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AutoHotkey Newsletter December 21st- Charlie Brown’s Christmas Secret

Howdy %Name%,

You know the Charlie Brown Christmas story, right?

Charlie picks out the small, frail tree, and the kids laugh at him. But then, through love and care, Charlie’s tree 🎄grows and becomes strong and beautiful.

This is a perfect metaphor when it comes to discovering new skills.

Most often, when you try anything new, you will struggle, and your performance will be weak.

I know when I was first learning AutoHotkey I had many times I wanted to quit.  I didn’t know anyone that used it so it was all “on me” to figure it out.  I was as focused as a penguin in a tuxedo shop and from sheer will was able to learn Web Scraping and Object Oriented programming from scouring the AHK forum.

There were times that I wanted to give up but, that’s just not something I do so I kept at it and managed to keep learning until I mastered it!

Soon, like Charlie Brown’s tree, my skills grew, and my bosses were dumbfounded and overjoyed.

This, in particular, is one of the main reasons I created the-Automator.   To help people like you discover AutoHotkey.  Automating your PC is NOT out of reach!  It’s why we offer a 200% money back guarantee on all of our courses!

%Name%, what new skills will you cultivate in 2024 to help grow and enhance your life?

Now on with the show…

Intro to AutoHotkey Intermediate AutoHotkey Intermediate Objects GUIs are Easy w/AutoHotkey Make the switch to v2

Discover the amazing updates to Prompt Assistant!

I’ve been working on Prompt Assistant for ~ 9 years.  I’ve had four different developers working on it and spent a small fortune. 😲

I’m really excited that we, finally, have a secret tool to help people be more productive!  The ability to Import & Export is amazing!  I’m having Irfan import some of our amazing libraries which will make it super easy to develop new skills because you’ll have working examples at your fingertips!   For instance, you can get our API syntax writer module here.

But wait, there’s more!

The new updates we added to Prompt Assistant allow you to unleash the power of AutoHotkey!

Now, if you begin your snippet with {RunAHK} you can execute AutoHotkey v2 code!  This is amazing because you can do whatever you want but have a simple & Convenient way to trigger your code!   Of  course this also means sharing it with others is super-simple because I you can export your modules and share with other Prompt Assistant users!  A few simple examples of what you might do is:

  • Run a webpage(s)
  • Open a folder(s)
  • Launch a Program
  • Paste a picture / Rich Text , Hyperlinked-text etc. using Clipster

You can see some examples of this in this video.

🚀 Supercharge Your Efficiency with these updates to Prompt Assistant😲
🚀 Supercharge Your Efficiency with these updates to Prompt Assistant😲

Use Chat GPT to Automate your PC

A few weeks back I mentioned there would be a time in the future where AI would allow us to reliably use Image Search to automate our PCs.   Little did I expect it would happen so FAST!⚡

In this video we discuss how Chat GPT was used to automate a PC.  Sadly they did it with Python, not AutoHotkey, however the core functionality will not be very difficult to port over.

Speaking AI; Are you using CoPilot❓  If not, you’re going the way of the Dodo🦤

In this video Isaias shows how CoPilot is being incredibly helpful writing his code!  The truly amazing thing is CoPilot doesn’t even know AutoHotkey v2!  It’s just looking at his code & libraries and guessing better than the best Psychic🔮.  Discover this amazingly helpful tool before you get outsourced!

😲Use Chat GPT to automate your computer | self automating computer🤖
😲Use Chat GPT to automate your computer | self automating computer🤖

When to have 1 verse Many AutoHotkey Scripts

Many people new to AutoHotkey get confused as to should they shove all of their code into one AutoHotkey script, or keep them separate.  I know this was a really conundrum for me when I first used AutoHotkey!   Well never fear, we discuss when you want 1 script verse when you should keep them separate in this video.

Should you have One Vs many AutoHotkey scripts Extract from Intro to AHK
Should you have One Vs many AutoHotkey scripts Extract from Intro to AHK

For those of you who thing Chat GPT isn’t that good…

A lot of people try Chat GPT, get mediocre results, and scratch their heads about all the “hype”.   The truth is, just like any other tool, Chat GPT is only as good as the user.  The infamous phrase Garbage-In➡️Garbage-Out holds true even when dealing with AI.  I discuss this surprising situation in this article.

In short, just like with life, the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it!

📚 What we’re reading

🤖 AI / Chat GPT-3 News / Usage

⚡️Productivity tips: Changing YouTube Playback speed

On a PC in a browser window you can press < to slow down playback and > to increase playback speed!  If you’re viewing from a phone you should tap the video and look for “playback speed” option.

🤣 A spot of Humor: The Internet brought to you by Jen from IT Crowd

This is from an epic episode of the IT Crowd.   Here Moss and Roy give a “black box” to Jen so she can present “the Internet” to the board.  It backfires on them because they under-estimated the ignorance of the Board!

The Internet Speech The IT Crowd | Series 3 Episode 4
The Internet Speech The IT Crowd | Series 3 Episode 4

AHK Hero 🦸

Consider joining the 🦸AHK Hero club! Members receive 25% off courses, consultations, tutoring, done for you project work, etc.

They also have access to exclusive & pre-released content and a 3 hours a week where we help people with their AHK issues (the Saturday calls are geared towards people new to AutoHotkey.)

🗣️ 💭 Quotable quotes

  • Work harder on yourself than you do on your job Jim Rohn
  • The question isn’t who is going to let me it’s who is going to stop me Ayn Rand
  • If you want better results, forget about setting goals. Focus on your system instead James Cleary
  • Amazing things get done when you don’t care who gets the credit Joe Glines


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