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Intro to Classes in AutoHotkey in AutoHotkey

Intro to ClassesToday we had a great Intro to Classes in AutoHotkey by Jean Lalonde, author of Quick Access Popup.

As mentioned in the video, we had webinar teaching an Intro to Classes in AutoHotkey back in 2018.  I wanted to revisit the topic and Jean agreed to give us a good introduction to classes.

Jean mentioned a good precursor of this video is the webinar we had on Objects

He also mentioned a few tutorials on the forum.  Here are a few Intro to Classes in AutoHotkey that he mentioned

Intro to Classes in AutoHotkey Tutorial

RegEx 102-Using Classes & Ranges in AutoHotkey Regular Expressions: [a-z]

AutoHotkey Bottle 2Ranges in AutoHotkey Regular Expression Regular Expressions are an amazing way to compliment your skill-set!  In this tutorial we’ll explore using classes & Ranges in AutoHotkey Regular Expressions.  In RegEx there are a ton of different ways to match your text pattern.  I’m starting off with one of the easiest to understand & follow.  Below are a few of the common usages of classes & ranges:

  • Basic usage: [12345], [abcde]
  • Ranges: [1-5], [a-e]
  • Complements “Not In”: [^6-9], [^f-z]

Ranges in AutoHotkey Regular Expression

AutoHotkey Bottle 3