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AutoHotkey Webinar- Finding and Clicking Text / Pixels / Images

webnar 300x200AutoHotkey Webinar Resources:

Video Hour 1: High-level overview

Video Hour 2: Q&A and deep-dive into question about Encoding & Decoding images in Base64 (to prevent having to share image files)




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  • 031-mp3VideoShould you let your colleagues/boss know you’re using AutoHotkey?
  • 032-mp3VideoSecurity and plain text files

Udemy Course: Intro to AutoHotkey: https://www.udemy.com/course/intro-to-autohotkey/?couponCode=AHK-WEBINAR 

Udemy Course: Text Expansion on a PC with AutoHotkey (HotStrings) :  https://www.udemy.com/course/hotstrings-autocorrect-text-expansion-with-autohotkey/?couponCode=AHK-WEBINAR

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Speeding-up the FindText / Image function to get quicker results

In previous videos I demonstrated a really cool function which allows you to find text / an image on a screen.  I also had some additional hotkeys that made it easy to click, send text, etc.

I realized that often it the FindText function was taking over 1/2 a second to find the target.  While this is slow in human terms, it is a long time in computer-world.   Narrowing down where you’re searching is a great, easy, way to speed-up the process.  In the below video I demonstrate the comparison and you can download the two files here.

Speeding-up the FindText / Image function to get quicker results


Find and click image / Send text to it

** Updated 05/2020** 

While FindText is still a great tool, I recommend you check out the tool I’ve created Automate my Task .  It has many more built-in features as well as allowing you to record multi-step processes, send text, use control clicks & more.


Find and click image with FindText()

I recently played with this great AutoHotkey function FindText().  The program is similar to AutoHotkey’s built-in ImageSearch functionality however it works more reliably and does not need a local file/copy of the image.  The name of the function is a bit misleading in that it really just helps you find and click images.

My first video below demonstrates most of the basic functionality of the tool.  The second video shows the usage of the functions that I wrote to help clicking, sending text, etc.

Here is my version of the FindText function which includes the functions I demonstrate in the second video.  If you’d like the hotstrings I used they are below also (mine are in my main AutoHotkey.ahk file)


Demonstration of custom AutoHotkey functions to find image and click it.