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AutoHotkey Webinar- Advanced Web Scraping with AutoHotkey

Advanced Web Scraping with AutoHotkeyToday’s AutoHotkey Webinar on Advanced Web Scraping with AutoHotkey we covered some “fun” topics.   We also demonstrated using Visual Events 2 to detect Event Listeners on a page

Video Hour 1: High-level overview

Video Hour 2: Q&A

Be sure to grab our Web scraping syntax writer

Script highlight

; Stupid simple webScraping with AutoHotkey
Send, ^a ;Select All
sleep, 50
Send, ^c ;copy
sleep, 50
Clipboard:=StrSplit(Clipboard,”:”).1 ;split the clipboard on the colon and return everything to the left of the first one
Send, ^v ;paste
sleep, 350
Send, {tab 4} ;tab to the next field where I need to re-run

We also showed a bit about dealing with Try and using .item[0] in the DOM call. i.e. instead of using

This way, if an element doesn’t exist, it will not error out.

To wait for it to be present you could do this

while (pwb.document.getElementsByClassName(“feed-identity-module__stat link-without-visited-state”).length < 3){
ToolTip, Here
Sleep, 50
Cap’n Odin offered up these two gems.  The first will close all running AutoHotkey scripts and the second one will pause them.

; Close all AutoHotkey scripts
DetectHiddenWindows On
Winget, lst, List, ahk_exe autohotkey.exe

loop % lst {
hwnd := lst%A_Index%
if(hwnd != A_ScriptHwnd) {
WinClose, % “ahk_id ” hwnd

; pause all AutoHotkey scripts
DetectHiddenWindows On
SetTitleMatchMode, 2
Winget, lst, List, AutoHotkey ahk_exe autohotkey.exe

loop % lst {
hwnd := lst%A_Index%
if(hwnd != A_ScriptHwnd) {
PostMessage, 0x111, 65306, , , % “ahk_id ” hwnd

Paste plain text- Use 7 lines of AutoHotKey to easily strip complex RTF/HTML formatting

Paste plain text

I (AutoHotkey Bottle 1like everyone else in the world) frequently copy-paste between various programs. While some programs like Word and Excel allow for paste plain text, a lot do not.

Paste plain text

I wrote a small script in AutoHotKey which takes the contents of the clipboard and strips it of HTML/RTF format. This way it allows me to paste as plain text in any program by hitting a key combination (Control+G).  What’s great is that I don’t actually lose the original format so, if I decide I actually wanted the original content, I can still just paste with Control+V and I’m good to go!

Below is the actual code to paste plain text in AutoHotKey.

paste plain text