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Example Webservice / API call- 4 GoogleMaps API services

GoogleMaps API services

In the following video I work through connecting for four separate APIs which are all under GoogleMaps.  It is very easy to connect to them with AutoHotkey.  Simply get your own token and then adapt the below code to your needs!

If you’re new to API calls, be sure to get our API Syntax Writer

Video reviewing the four GoogleMaps APIs.

GoogleMaps Directions API

GoogleMaps GeoCode API

Example Webservice / API call- Connecting to Zoom & extracting info

For the the AutoHotkey Webinars we use Zoom which is a great, robust, inexpensive tool for hosting online meetings/webinars.  They have a free version which allows you to connect with people for up to 45 minutes!

Below I walk through the following code where I demonstrate how I extract information about users & their meetings.   This is a great example of how many vendors offer APIs to connect to their tools.

IniRead, API_Token ,Auth.ini,API, Token
IniRead, API_Key   ,Auth.ini,API, Key
IniRead, API_Secret,Auth.ini,API, Secret

;~  EndPoint:="https://api.zoom.us/v1/user/list" ;get list of users under your account
;~  EndPoint:="https://api.zoom.us/v1/meeting/list" ;get list of meetings for a given user
EndPoint:="https://api.zoom.us/v1/meeting/get" ;get specific meeting info
;~  QueryString:=QueryString_Builder({"api_key":API_Key,"api_secret":API_Secret,"data_type":"XML","host_id":"pPzEua3eSDerCD2WO3JbUg"})

;********API call**********************
HTTP := ComObjCreate("WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1") ;Create COM Object
HTTP.Open("POST", EndPoint . QueryString) ;GET & POST are most frequent, Make sure you UPPERCASE
HTTP.Send() ;If POST request put data in "Payload" variable
Response_data:= HTTP.ResponseText ;Save the text that is returned
SciTE_Output(Response_data) ;Text,Clear=1,LineBreak=1,Exit=0

;***********query string builder******************* 
for key, value in kvp
  queryString.=((A_Index="1")?(url "?"):("&")) key "=" value
return queryString

Video walking through developing the Zoom API call

Example of Web Scraping- Automating Exporting of contacts from Lexis Nexis

Example of Web Scraping

Example of Web Scraping– Automating the Exporting of Data from Lexis Nexis

A few years back Lexis Nexis had access to Jigsaw (a sales list provider).  They had built in restrictions which allowed for exporting up to 1,000 contacts at a time.

Using AutoHotKey I was able to automate the exporting of contacts from Lexis Nexis into a great format.   All-told I exported over 4 million business contacts including their Name, job title, job function, email address, phone number, company name, company revenue, company NAIC code and SIC codes and much more!  It was quite a score and I was in love with Web Scraping  from then on!

Example of Web Scraping with AutoHotkey

When your IT department fails you Web Scraping with AutoHotkey can save the day!

web scraping with AutoHotkey

One of my clients has over 3,000 videos on their website.  Amazingly nobody in their IT department can provide a holistic file with metadata like: Title, # of views, Length, Format, Tags, etc.  How crazy is that?   After contacting their video hosting company, nobody could (would) share this information!

Web Scraping with AutoHotkey to the rescue!

I wrote web scraping with AutoHotKey script that first got a list of all the videos, then looped over them and extracted various attributes about each video.  Not an ideal way to get this, but the client was manually going to go through this by cutting & pasting from their browse.