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AutoHotkey Webinar- AutoHotkey_H with HotKeyIt

AutoHotkey_HWe had an awesome webinar on AutoHotkey_H with HotKeyIt!  Among other things we covered:
Hour 1
1) Install & Compiling
2) Compression/Encryption
3) WinApi
4) Multithreading

Hour 2
5) get/set/share variables and Objects
6) ObjDump/ObjLoad
7) Exported functions
8) Memory Library

As we mentioned in the webinar, Jackie and I also had a separate call where we went deeper on all of the above.  This call was recorded and broken into these two videos: AutoHotkey_H Part 1   AutoHotkey_H Part 2.

The script we highlighted was ffmpeg_recorder inspired by my interview with RickC.  You can get a deeper walk through and the code here .  Basically I can now hit a hotkey and start recording my screen, then hit another to stop it and name the .mp4 video file.


AutoHotkey Webinar: 9/20/2016 Using Functions and DLL call in AutoHotkey

AutoHotkey webinarAutoHotkey Webinar Videos and Links

Link to AutoHotkey Webinar resources:

Additional resources mentioned in AutoHotkey Webinar

Using built-in Functions

SubStr(String, StartingPos [, Length])



Creating your own custom function

  • Why you want to create them
  • Things to pay attention to:
    • Accessing variables outside your function
    • Passing parameters
    • Setting defaults
    • Returning values

DLL call

  • What is it?
  • Why is it so valuable an Asset?
  • Why is it so ‘tricky’?
  • Message Box
v:= DllCall("MessageBox","Uint",0,"Str","my message","Str","my title","Uint","0x00000036L")


Additional DLLCall Resources

Script Highlight- Pasting plain text

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