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Automating Chrome with AutoHotkey: Getting InnerText, OuterHTML & Values

AutoHotkey Merchandise-White Stress ballBeing able to Automate Chrome has been a long-time goal of mine.  With GeekDude’s Chrome.ahk Class you now can do this.  Read more about his class on the AHK forum here.

If you didn’t see it, also check out my other tutorial on Setting values with Chrome and AutoHotkey.


Here is the function I demonstrate in the below video on Automating Chrome with AutoHotkey: Getting InnerText, OuterHTML & Values
Tab := Chrome.GetTab() ;Connect to Active tab

;********************Methd: Class, Tag, Name, ID **** ***********************************
;~ MsgBox % data.InnerText

;********************Method: Class, Tag, Name, ID **** ***********************************
;********************Get Property***********************************
if (Format(“{:L}”,Method)=”class”){ ;Case-insensitive check to see if method = Class
Obj.OuterHTML:= Tab.Evaluate(“document.getElementsByClassName(‘” Attribute “‘)[” Index-1 “].outerHTML”).Value
Obj.Value:= Tab.Evaluate(“document.getElementsByClassName(‘” Attribute “‘)[” Index-1 “].value”).Value
Obj.InnerText:= Tab.Evaluate(“document.getElementsByClassName(‘” Attribute “‘)[” Index-1 “].innerText”).Value
Obj.TextContent:= Tab.Evaluate(“document.getElementsByClassName(‘” Attribute “‘)[” Index-1 “].textContent”).Value
} ;***********Tag*******************
Else if (Format(“{:L}”,Method)=”tag”){ ;Case-insensitive check to see if method = Tag
Obj.OuterHTML:= Tab.Evaluate(“document.getElementsByTagName(‘” Attribute “‘)[” Index-1 “].outerHTML”).Value
Obj.Value:= Tab.Evaluate(“document.getElementsByTagName(‘” Attribute “‘)[” Index-1 “].value”).Value
Obj.InnerText:= Tab.Evaluate(“document.getElementsByTagName(‘” Attribute “‘)[” Index-1 “].innerText”).Value
Obj.TextContent:= Tab.Evaluate(“document.getElementsByTagName(‘” Attribute “‘)[” Index-1 “].textContent”).Value
} ;************Name******************
Else if (Format(“{:L}”,Method)=”name”){ ;Case-insensitive check to see if method = Name
Obj.OuterHTML:= Tab.Evaluate(“document.getElementsByName(‘” Attribute “‘)[” Index-1 “].outerHTML”).Value
Obj.Value:= Tab.Evaluate(“document.getElementsByName(‘” Attribute “‘)[” Index-1 “].value”).Value
Obj.InnerText:= Tab.Evaluate(“document.getElementsByName(‘” Attribute “‘)[” Index-1 “].innerText”).Value
Obj.TextContent:= Tab.Evaluate(“document.getElementsByName(‘” Attribute “‘)[” Index-1 “].textContent”).Value
} ;***********ID*******************
Else if (Format(“{:L}”,Method)=”id”){ ;Case-insensitive check to see if method = ID
Obj.OuterHTML:= Tab.Evaluate(“document.getElementById(‘” Attribute “‘).outerHTML”).Value
Obj.Value:= Tab.Evaluate(“document.getElementById(‘” Attribute “‘).value”).Value
Obj.InnerText:= Tab.Evaluate(“document.getElementById(‘” Attribute “‘).innerText”).Value
Obj.TextContent:= Tab.Evaluate(“document.getElementById(‘” Attribute “‘).textContent”).Value
} Else{ MsgBox fix Attribute- Valid values are: Name, Class, Tag, ID
return obj




Video Tutorial Automating Chrome with AutoHotkey: Getting InnerText, OuterHTML & Values

Company Lookup via Clearbit API- Easily get the data you’re looking for!

company-lookupSquishy Ball 2Sales people spend a lot of time trying to find companies they wish to target.  Most tools allow for looking at them via a Web Interface but extracting the data in a standard format is difficult or time consuming.  While Web Scraping can be helpful, it can be time consuming and, depending on the source, unreliable.  Clearbit Company lookup / Discovery API allows for easily filtering down to the targeted companies and then extracting them to a flat file.

Our BETA GUI allows for many different ways to filter down your targeted companies and, quickly return data on those that you are interested in.  Check out the below video which shows how easy it is to perform a company lookup via an API call.  You can also check out this video which shows how easy it is to get names, titles and email addresses of people associated to those companies.

Clearbit Company Lookup / Discovery API call

AutoHotkey Bottle 3