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Skip YouTube Ads with FindText and Control-Clicking

skip YouTube adIn this tutorial I show how I adapted my use of FindText to ControlClick the skip YouTube ads button. This was beneficial as it no-longer moves my mouse.  You can get my FindText files here

Here’s the script I wrote to skip YouTube ads

Use FindText & AutoHotkey to Skip YouTube ads

Skip YouTube Ads
In this short video I how to use my version of FindText to easily watch for YouTube ads and skip them.

Here is the code I demonstrated.  You can get my FindText version here

AutoHotkey Webinar- Finding and Clicking Text / Pixels / Images

AutoHotkey Webinar Resources:

Video Hour 1: High-level overview

Video Hour 2: Q&A and deep-dive into question about Encoding & Decoding images in Base64 (to prevent having to share image files)




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