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Skip YouTube Ads with FindText and Control-Clicking

skip YouTube adIn this tutorial I show how I adapted my use of FindText to ControlClick the skip YouTube ads button. This was beneficial as it no-longer moves my mouse.  You can get my FindText files here

Here’s the script I wrote to skip YouTube ads

Use FindText & AutoHotkey to Skip YouTube ads

Skip YouTube Ads
In this short video I how to use my version of FindText to easily watch for YouTube ads and skip them.

Here is the code I demonstrated.  You can get my FindText version here

Speeding-up the FindText / Image function to get quicker results

In previous videos I demonstrated a really cool function which allows you to find text / an image on a screen.  I also had some additional hotkeys that made it easy to click, send text, etc.

I realized that often it the FindText function was taking over 1/2 a second to find the target.  While this is slow in human terms, it is a long time in computer-world.   Narrowing down where you’re searching is a great, easy, way to speed-up the process.  In the below video I demonstrate the comparison and you can download the two files here.

Speeding-up the FindText / Image function to get quicker results