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How to easily create Bar Charts with AutoHotkey and the GDI+ library: 10 Amazing Examples!

create Bar Charts with AutoHotkeyIn an AutoHotkey webinar a few years back I demonstrated how to easily create Bar Charts with AutoHotkey

I went back and excerpted the content which you can watch the below video to see just how easy it is to create bar charts with AutoHotkey!  You can see the original post (with lots of examples & documentation) from Learning One on the old forum or jump to the continued thread on the new forum (but not many resources).

BTW- if you’re wondering how to save the image as a file (for use in other tools) you can see this post where he shows how to save the graph as a PNG

How to easily create Bar Charts with AutoHotkey

Automate Excel graphs with AutoHotKey and SPSS; Automating pretty charts!

Automate Excel graphsSquishy Ball 2After 20 years of doing multivariate statistics, doing analytics is very quick and easy for me.  Putting together the report which clients will think is “pretty” and convey the results is what really takes the time!  I have a ton of macros in SPSS which greatly simplify the front-end however I’ve always preferred Excel graphs to SPSS (because they don’t look like they were drawn with crayons).

Automate Excel graphs

In the below video I demonstrate how you how you can use AutoHotKey to easily automate Excel graphs that you’ll be proud to put your name on!

AutoHotkey Bottle 3