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We will rebuild!- Dallas Blizzard 2017

Right now the entire US is experiencing the coldest front in 100 years.   The Dallas Blizzard 2017 is taking its toll but, don’t worry, somehow we’ll survive!

In truth the real “danger” in the south is not from the cold, it is from the idiots in the south that are trying to drive because they typically have NO CLUE what they are doing!

Dallas Blizzard 2017

Dallas Blizzard 2017
Nearly as funny as the above meme is this video by Stehpen Wilfong, a North Carolina man, pretends to be a news reporter while satirically mocking the reaction southerners have to snow and winter weather.


Thankfully Amazon has you covered! You can order this hand-made Ear & Nose warmer set from “Aunt Marty”.   LMAO

Ever have one of those day? I needed this sign our meeting room! Bang Head Here!

I was in a meeting today when I was informed that our idiot client was, again, going down the wrong path.  No matter how many times we explain some basics, they keep going back to their old way of doing things.  I’m actually thinking of getting this sign and hanging it in our meeting room so next time I can (literally) Bang Head Here!

Bang Head Here

Bang head here

That just might make the day worth getting through!

If you’re with me, I actually found it on Amazon here for $5.99

Antique tables made daily! Am I missing something here?

Antique tables made daily!

Driving through the back-roads of South Virginia I happened along this wonderful place.  Apparently they had some sort of time-traveling device that would allow them to have antique tables made daily!  Now that’s convenient!  I wonder if I brought an old table there if they could make it look like it was modern?  I hgh-itailed it out of there in case their “antiquing” technique was going to apply to me as well.  LOL

Antique tables made daily


Perhaps this is a worthy investment if you are going to be driving around in the hills…

Research works! Look out for the Really Nasty Star!

Research works!

Here’s some proof that research works!  Although I got to admit the pink version just might have been pretty awesome…    NOT!

For some reason I’m thinking Darth Vader may not have been the best choice for a moderator…


Research Works!

BTW- if research had been done, maybe this book would not have been written!

Chewbacca Wookiee: The Giant Airedale Terrier Who Walks On Two Legs And Shoots Machine Guns (Once A Dog, Always A Dog)   And, yes, that is a real book.