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Linkedin recommendations for the unworthy…How to NOT recommend someone

linkedin recommendationsI get requests for LinkedIn recommendations from connections on an almost daily basis.  Being someone that is honest and believes we should stand behind our word I have a hard time writing recommendations for people that I don’t believe cut the mustard.

Years ago I read  Sleeping dogs don’t lay from Richard Lederer.  The book was a true gem for anyone that loves the idiosyncrasies of the English language.  He had some great examples of writing double-meaning recommendations (below are a few ambiguous recommendations.)  Great, cutting humor!


LinkedIn recommendations

  • You’ll be lucky to get this person to work for you!
  • I cannot recommend this person too highly.
  • I recommend this candidate with no qualifications whatsoever!
  • She has made immeasurable contributions to our firm.
  • Nobody is better than this man!
  • I found myself frequently raving about her work!
  • We were teetering on the threshold of bankruptcy last year, and her efforts pulled us through.
  • For the services he has rendered to our firm over the years, we find ourselves deeply indebted!
  • I would place her research on the cutting edge.
  • She is now ready to strike out in a career.
  • Whatever task he undertakes, he will be fired with enthusiasm!
  • I would place this student in a class by herself.

Now you’ll know how to write that next LinkedIn recommendations even when you don’t want to!   The next LinkedIn recommendation you write you can be sure to be honest!

linkedin recommendations

Perhaps I missed a turn somewhere? Hijacking hotspot!

Hijacking hotspot

Ever feel like you just might have missed a turn somewhere?  When you come upon a sign like this do you think stopping your car and rolling down the window to take a picture is the wisest thing to do?   Wouldn’t you think the local police would park car right next to this sign?  And speaking of the police, where were the grammar police when making this sign?  LOL
hijacking hotspot
Here are some additional books that will give you a good laugh!  And remember, if you see a hijacking hotspot be sure to drive on!

I learned how to cook an egg when you’re at work -Funny Picture

How to cook an egg when you’re at work -Funny Picture

I love to be creative and think outside the box!  The other day at work I wanted to fry an egg but I didn’t have anything to cook with (or so I thought).  Suddenly I realized that I did, in fact, have a “hot plate”. It was disguised as my coffee maker!  The below funny picture image shows how I “MacGyvered” it.  It took about 10 minutes, but hey, I wasn’t that hungry!

how to cook an egg at work-funny picture

Mock focus groups- Toddlers & Smartphones; Insights from the mouth of babes!

Mock Focus Groups – Toddlers

Focus groups with children can always be “interesting”.  A lot of fun and a lot of challenges are always in store for you!

I’m not sure if you’ll find anything more adorable than these young girls in this mock focus groups.  Sadly I think they outsmarted the Models, Guidos,  Failed rockers and Surfers!  This particular video wasn’t as funny as the others, but it sure is cute!  Having done a little work with kids, I can relate to trying to wrangle cats…



Here is a book for those interested in learning about Focus groups.  I recommend buying the used version