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AutoHotkey Newsletter August 14th, 2023

AutoHotkey Newsletter

Howdy ,

Like most people that use AutoHotkey, my first uses of it were very simple things like HotStrings and Hotkeys.   I spent several years using AutoHotkey to just utilizing those until I decided to change job roles and moved into Information Technology.

The new job I was hired for  I was tasked to find a way to automate an incredibly mundane task (the job would turn over after ~1 year because it was ridiculously mundane, repetitive, and taxing.)

I began learning things like: Web Scraping, Web service APIs, Regular Expressions, simple GUI creation, Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and much more.  In this video I discuss some of the many cool uses of AutoHotkey.

Why you should learn AutoHotkey! Some most common uses of AutoHotkey

Why you should learn AutoHotkey! Some most common uses of AutoHotkey

It reminded me of this quick clip I saw in a Columbo episode.  Most people, when they first start with AutoHotkey, they are “Imitating a human“.  Probably because it just “makes sense” to us.

Are you using AutoHotkey wrong?
Are you using AutoHotkey wrong?

Most people don’t realized there are API (Application Program Interfaces) that allow them to “programmatically” control programs.  Imitating a human is (often) simple to code however it is not robust and fails a lot and doesn’t transfer to other systems.  You can get a deeper understanding of Human vs. API approach in this video.

APIs compared to Human Interfaces: How do you use AutoHotkey?
APIs compared to Human Interfaces: How do you use AutoHotkey?

In our AHK hero group we’re frequently helping people take their scripts that imitate human behaviors and adapt them to using an API approach.

Now on with the show…

Intro to AutoHotkey HotStrings with AutoHotkey Intermediate AutoHotkey Intermediate Objects GUIs are Easy w/AutoHotkey Make the switch to v2

Forcing an Expression in AHK v2

During this Automator team meeting Isaias was teaching Irfan and I how we can force an expression in v2.  It’s not “pretty” code, but it’ll ‘getter done’.  LOL

tatm:Forcing an Expression in AHK v2 to get around illegal chacter in JSON
tatm:Forcing an Expression in AHK v2 to get around illegal chacter in JSON

Using built-in AutoHotkey Functions

Unlike other languages, AutoHotkey has a LOT of built in functionality.  This video is an extract from Intro to AHK in v2.   Remember AutoHotkey functions are an AMAZING way to level-up your automation skills!

Using built-in Commands and Built in AHK v2
Using built-in Commands and Built in AHK v2

Me “Helping” AHK hero members 🤣

As many of you know, I’m not a programmer.  In fact, I love the fact that I’ve never gone down that path yet I’ve used AutoHotkey to do AMAZING things!

I’m smart enough to know hire very talented people like Isaias and Irfan to help solve the more complicated AHK Hero member’s problems.  This video a short excerpt from Galaxy Quest but it’s pretty close to how I feel on the Hero calls go.  If you’re not an AHK hero member, I highly recommend you consider joining.  Every week we have 3 hours of calls helping people with their tasks.  And we have a private Telegram group where people can get their problems solved during the week.  And you get 25% off our courses & client work!

Helping AHK Hero members
Helping AHK Hero members

📚 What we’re reading

🤖 AI / Chat GPT-3 News / Usage

⚡️Productivity tips:  Revisit current processes

Humans are horrible at re-thinking a problem.  Once we solve something we rarely re-think how it is being done.

Remember to review processes and look for ways to improve efficiency. Refining your workflows are great ways to save time and be more efficient!

🤣 A spot of Humor:  I forgot I created this page of AutoHotkey Jokes.    I’ve included a few below but be sure to check out the above page for more.

Q: What do you say to an AutoHotkey v1 user who wants to learn object-oriented programming?

A: Good luck with that!

Q: Why did the v1 user refuse to switch to v2?

A: Because they didn’t want to leave their comfort zone… which happened to be a time capsule.

Q: What do you call an AHK v1 script that uses GUIs?

A: A mess.

If you’re not using AHK v2 yet we have a great course to help you make the transition painless!

AHK Hero 🦸

Consider joining the 🦸AHK Hero club! Members receive 25% off courses, consultations, tutoring, done for you project work, etc.

They also have access to exclusive & pre-released content and a 3 hours a week where we help people with their AHK issues (the Saturday calls are geared towards people new to AutoHotkey.)

🗣️ 💭 Quotable quotes

  • Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve. Napoleon Hill
  • Work harder on yourself than you do on your job Jim Rohn
  • When experiencing errors with tools, typically you should blame the operator, not the tool. Joe Glines
  • Today is always the most productive day of your week. Mark Hunter
  • A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore Yogi Berra


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Joe, Isaias, Irfan, and staff

P.S. The majority of AutoHotkey users start-off imitating a human but realize it is a lousy approach. Learning programmatic ways to automate software with AutoHotkey will save you time and build much more reliable, sharable, scripts.  We highly recommend you click here and purchase one of our courses and begin the path to victory!

Remember all of our courses come with a 200% money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose!

AutoHotkey User / Expert Interviews

In the below videos I interview AutoHotkey experts / users.  The goals are to:

  1. Find better ways to get new people to adopt / try AutoHotkey
  2. Stimulate ideas how current users might leverage AutoHotkey in other ways
  3. Create a bigger community of AutoHotkey users
  4. Raise awareness of AutoHotkey with non- users

1) AutoHotkey User / Expert interview: Jean Lalonde

My first interview was with Jean Lalonde, author of Quick Access PopUp.    Jean has also co-hosted several webinars with Jackie and I and is a very competent programmer.

2) AutoHotkey User / Expert Interview: Chad Wilson

In this interview I speak with Chad / Maestrith.  Chad is the author of AutoHotkey Studio and is a guru using GUIS, XML, and Objects.  In the video we discuss how he got into programming and some areas people should focus when learning AutoHotkey.  We also review a couple dozen applications (at a high level) that we collaborated on together.


3) AutoHotkey User / Expert Interview: Jack Dunning

In this interview I speak with Jack Dunning from Jack’s AutoHotkey Blog and Computor edge .  Jack has also authored several books on AutoHotkey. They can be purchased from his blog or on Amazon.com.


4) AutoHotkey User / Expert Interview: Charlie Simmons / Tank

Charlie / Tank actually works in the Robotics Process Automation (RPA) industry and is an admin on the AHK forum.  Below is my interview with him.  If the RPA industry interests you you can see another discussion with him here.  BTW- at the end of the interview Charlie mentions anyone with AutoHotkey knowledge could probably get a high-paying job in the RPA industry.


5) AutoHotkey User / Expert Interview: Nicolás Castillo

In this interview I speak with Nico from Mexico.  Nico has a background in IT and also works in the real estate industry.  We talked through some of his personal uses as well as how he’s helped people at his work.


6) AutoHotkey User / Expert Interview: Mitch Berry

In this interview I speak with Mitch out of North Dakota. He is an experienced Planner and Electrical & Instrumentation Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the energy industry.


7) AutoHotkey User / Expert Interview: Jim Ford

In this interview I speak with Jim Ford out of China. He has a background in programming is Amazing! He’s programmed in over 50 languages and worked in technology all is life. We had a lively discussion about automation, corporate world, consulting world, RPA (Robotics Process Automation) and where technology is going.


8) AutoHotkey User / Expert Interview: Susan Thomas

In this interview I speak with Susan Thomas out of Nashville, TN. We talked about what life is like working at a huge company and how there is a group of ~20 people at her work with the task of “automating” (many using AutoHotkey).


9) AutoHotkey User / Expert Interview: Joe Glines

Yes, I interviewed myself!  LOL   I realized even though I mentioned a lot of what Maestrith and I had worked on together, there was a ton of stuff that I’ve done with AutoHotkey on my own and I wanted to make sure I shared with y’all.  I’m in Dallas, TX and have an undergraduate degree in Marketing and a Masters in Market Research.  I worked for a long time as a Data Scientist (way before they were called that) and then spent the last 8 years working in Internet marketing.


10) AutoHotkey User / Expert Interview: Isaias Baez / RaptorX

In this interview I speak with Isaias Baez / RaptorX out of the Dominican Republic. When I first started learning more than Hotstrings & Hotkeys I was fortunate enough to stumble upon RaptorX’s YouTube channel AHKTuts.
If you’re wanting to learn some advanced things like DLL Calls, SendMessage, etc. I highly recommend you check them out!


11) AutoHotkey User / Expert Interview: Dr. Gabriel Cook /

In this interview I speak with Dr. Gabriel (Gabe) Cook out of the Pasedena, CA. Gabe and I have been coding with each other for nearly 20 years now! Initially we worked in SPSS (a statistical program) but over the past years we’ve also played with Python and AutoHotkey. Quite a few years Gabe & I take a week to have a “code-cation” where we get together and work 12-hour days learning how to code! I highly recommend you have a “coding buddy”!


12) AutoHotkey User / Expert Interview: Ryan Wells

In this interview I speak with Ryan Wells out of Kiev, Ukraine. Like me Ryan has been using AutoHotkey for ~10 years; the first years using Hotkeys & Hotstrings, now he automates things with COM, Gui’s, etc. Ryan demonstrated some of the cool things he’s automated for his, and his wife’s work.   During the interview Ryan mentioned James Clear on Systems not Goals and How 1% Performance Improvements Led to Olympic Gold



13) AutoHotkey User / Expert Interview: Hellbent

In this interview I speak with Hellbent out of Canada. He has a background in C and has been creating awesome AutoHotkey GUI tutorials on his YouTube channel CivReborn .


14) AutoHotkey User / Expert Interview: joedf /

In this interview I speak with joedf out of Canada. He has a background in Geology and is an admin on the AutoHotkey forum.


15) AutoHotkey User / Expert Interview: Steve Maziarz

In this interview I speak with Steve Maziarz out of Dallas Texas. Steve and I used to work together and is as nice as he is smart! He has a background in IT / Technology and has been coding for longer than most of y’all have been alive!


16) AutoHotkey User / Expert Interview: Jackie Sztuk

In this interview I speak with Jackie Sztuk out of Denmark. He has a background in design and has been co-hosting webinars with me for over two years now.


17) AutoHotkey User / Expert Interview: Rick C

In this interview I speak with RickC out of Plano,TX. He has a background in IT and has a degree in programming. I met Rick when I tried to start a local “AutoHotkey meet up” in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. While I didn’t get many to attend, it was cool to meet another AHK user!


18) AutoHotkey User / Expert Interview: Jesús Prieto

In this interview I speak with Jesús Prieto out of Spain. He has a background as a sound engineer and Translations. Check out his Spanish blog.


19) AutoHotkey User / Expert Interview: James Griffing

In this interview I speak with James Griffing out of Austin, TX. James has a varied background and has used AutoHotkey in different positions over the past years..


20) AutoHotkey User / Expert Interview: Michael Wilson

In this interview I speak with Michael Wilson out of Australia. Michael has worked with AutoHotkey for many years but recently has been diving deeper into using GUI and COM. You can check out his GITHUB respository here.


21) AutoHotkey User / Expert Interview: Joe Winograd

In this interview I speak with Joe Winograd out of Chicago, IL. Joe has worked with AutoHotkey for many years and has a huge background in programming. You can learn more about him on Experts Exchange Spotlight here.


22) SPSS User / Expert Interview: Jon Peck

In this interview I speak with Jon Peck out of Arizona. He has a background in: Programming, Econometrics, & Statistics and has been programming and using for longer than most of us have been alive!

Jon is a personal hero of mine and has saved me so much time coding in SPSS that it is impossible to quantify!



23) AutoHotkey User / Expert Interview: Jethrow

In this “interview” I read through Jethrow’s responses to my questions (he declined being interviewed). He has a background in: accounting but has migrated to being a programmer (at a 60% pay increase!)!   Among other posts, Jethrow is the author of this Web Scraping tutorial which is where I learned the vast amount of what I know now!


24) AutoHotkey User / Expert Interview: Gio Sperotto

In this interview I speak with Gio out of Brazil and has a background in Accounting & Law. He demonstrated a ton of amazing programs / scripts he’s written for work. Lots of great ideas here to peak your interest! BTW- Gio also lead our webinar back in March on Neural Networks.

25) AutoHotkey User / Expert Interview: Ernestas Ceciorka

In this interview I speak with Ernestas out of Lithuania. He’s new to AutoHotkey but is learning quickly and enjoying Web Scraping as well as using COM with Excel.


26) AutoHotkey User / Expert Interview: Sebastian

In this interview I speak with Sebastian from Germany.  He’s been programming since 2001 and wrote his first program when he was 13 and started with JavaScript, perl, mysql and doSqlWeb. We had a good discussion of using AutoHotkey and various IDE / Editors.


27) AutoHotkey User / Expert Interview: Mason George

In this interview I speak with Mason out of Colorado. He’s been programming in various languages since he was 13! He plans to go back to college and get a degree in Computer Science.