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Quick Access Popup Discount

Quick Access Popup

Quick Access Popup

From time to time Jean Lalonde, the author of , and frequent guest leader of our AutoHotkey webinars, offers discounts to his amazing tool Quick Access Popup.   I’ve created this page as a place where I will post the current coupon code.

Current discount code worth $5.99 and valid until the end of September, 2021 is: a843e7c3ca 

To purchase a license, go to the Quick Access Popup shop.  When you’re checking out, make sure you click the link displayed below to enter it!

AutoHotkey GitHub Webinar: Become an amazing AHK Programmer in 2020

AutoHotkey Github WebinarWe had an awesome webinar today! Jean Lalonde, author of Quick Access Popup, lead us on a great webinar today regarding how to use GitHub to with our AutoHotkey scripts & programs.  BTW we streamed the webinar live to this AutoHotkey Facebook group.

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AutoHotkey GitHub Webinar

Video Hour 1: High-level overview
Video Hour 2: Finishing up on GitHub

Here’s the deck shared by Jean Lalonde during the webinar