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Shh! Discover how Jim saved 8️⃣0️⃣% on 🅰HK Courses & you can too! (if you act now)

Good morning %name%,

Last week, I mentioned that v1 is now deprecated and has no expectations of getting official updates from Lexikos.  I also was working on my taxes (ironically during Stress awareness month).

I created a half off sale to help reduce stress by encouraging y’all to start learning v2.  If you’d like to read about our v1 to v2 pros & cons you can check them out here.

I failed to remind people of our amazing “volume” discounts that are automatically combined when purchasing courses.  Here’s how it works

  • Spending over 💲100 gets you an additional 10% off
  • Spending over 💲200 gets you an additional 20% off
  • Spending over 💲300 gets you an additional 30% off

Below is a screen shot of the purchase made.  You’ll see that, buy adding over $300 to his cart, in addition to the 50% off, he got an additional 30% off.

When you “crunch the numbers” you’ll see he saved 80% !  Jim was able to get 4 courses for under $100.  That’s less than $25 a course!

These incredible savings are only available until April 15th so act soon!  The below links to the courses include the 50% discount.

I’m willing to bet AHK V1 will be around for quite a while however I don’t want to wake up some morning and realize I’m screwed.  It’s the main reason why all of our new projects are done in v2.  Let me leave you with this:

Is it really worth the gamble❓

I emplore you to switch to v2 today!

Joe Glines

P.S. The sooner you make the switch to v2, the sooner you’ll sleep better!  V2 takes a little getting used to however, it isn’t that different and many things are easier in v2 (especially GUIs).  Remember, the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago; the 2nd best time is Today!

Save big with my 7-year “giving the finger to corporate America” discount

I just realized today (January 3rd) is my 7-year anniversary of giving the “finger” to corporate America. I’d spent nearly 20 years working for fortune 500 companies but finally could no longer take the bureaucracy and (frequently) bad managers (I did have some amazing managers too but usually they were not great).

The fist couple of years were rough as I was paying Maestrith for working nearly full-time and not having jobs. I was okay with that because, unlike most people, I saved most of my $200K+ a year salary from Texas Instruments and had, and still have, zero debt.

Several years back Isaias came to work with me full-time and I was still out of pocket for his salary however, after about a year, he had to leave to work elsewhere to make more money. He hated his new job but needed to make more so he told me he could come back if I matched their pay. After some thought I agreed but told him that we’ll have to change our focus of the-Automator to actually making money (before I was just focusing on growing “the business” not on making buckets of cash).

This change of focus turned out to be one of the best ones we could have done because it’s allowed us to hire even more employees. I still basically work for free, but now we have 3 full-time employees and I’m “breaking even” (so not having to dump💲into the business).

We’re spending a lot of time investing in our employees and making sure we deliver world-class work and courses to our clients.

Time to Celebrate

In celebration of hitting the 7-year mark I’m passing along savings to the first 7 lucky people that purchase an AutoHotkey course. If you use one of the below links you’ll get 50% off on our courses! And don’t forget, there’s nothing at risk because we offer a “Double your money back” guarantee!

Take a look at the below courses that allow you to discover what AutoHotkey can do!

AutoHotkey V2 Courses

AutoHotkey V1 Courses

So act now before the coupons are used up! Don’t miss out on this deal!

P.S.I was able to earn far more than my peers at Texas Instruments because I was easily doing the work of 6-8 people. Learning AutoHotkey is a great way to both ensure job securityAND ensure your pay is above your peers! Use one of the links above to save big and invest in yourself today!

🎁 Black Friday Sale: Get huge savings on EVERYTHING❗ 😲

🎁 Save big during Black Friday Sale!

Yesterday I had an amazing Thanksgiving with my immediate family and I hope you did as well

I sent an email yesterday explaining what a horrible childhood I had to explain why I’m so thankful now. (and got some amazing replies that were very inspiring and heart-felt)

I think a lot of us that use AutoHotkey are incredibly grateful for the great & amazing community surrounding it.  Our forum is full of “giving people”.    As you’ll see in the AHK Hero group, AHK people are very kind and extremely helpful.

As a way of expressing my gratitude I’ve created a discount code for 40% off everything we offer.  Use “IndependantMeBlackFriday” during checkout and you’ll receive 40% off anything you purchase between Today and Monday December 5th.  

Remember:  you are the best asset you have!

Just click one of the items below and use the coupong during checkout

Joe, Isaias, and staff

P.S. the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.
The 2nd best time to plant a tree is today. So don’t wait and invest in yourself Today!