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Screen Clipping with OCR | Super fast and accurate for Windows 7,8,10

The other day Jackie and I were wrapping up a podcast and he mentioned something about using “stream” instead of a file.   I mentioned that I’d adapted my OCR script to use the built-in Windows 10 OCR (instead of relying on Tesseract) but I was unable to change my script to use a variable instead of requiring a saved file.  Thankfully Jackie had actually played with this so we started to update my script.   About 30 seconds in, I suggested we record the session and I’m glad I did as there was some advanced stuff we covered!  We ended up turning it into our 55th Podcast.

Screen Clipping with OCR without saving the bitmap as file

Screen clipping with OCR

Screen clipping with OCRIn this webinar on getting text from programs Jackie Sztuk demonstrated his adaptation of Tesseract.  I realized this would be a cool addition to my screen-clipping tool so I’ve incorporated!   Check out the below video and you can download all the files for screen clipping with OCR here (This requires several executables so I’ve put it all in this zip fileBTW on 9/21/19 I updated the Tesseract.ahk file to wait for the image to be present. This should reduce the issue of the script complaining about the image not being found.

Screen clipping with OCR demo video


Screen clipping + (Outlook, IMGUR,Local file…)

screen clipping

Screen ClippingAutoHotkey Bottle 4

I use this AutoHotKey screen clipping script at least a dozen times a day. I think most people SHOULD be using it that often but don’t realize how useful it can be. This video walks through a few examples of how I use it.  Get the newest version here

At a high level- here are it’s strengths:

  • Incredibly easy to create a clip and leave it on the screen (then discard easily)
  • API integration with IMGURimage upload
  • Writes Outlook email and attaches it automatically (including time stamp and custom email)
  • Saves file as local png and places path to file on clipboard (so you can paste in anywhere- makes uploading to Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. a breeze)
  • Can easily save png file to desktop using timestamp for name

White sticker on computer 4The script (and commentary) can be found on the AutoHotKey forum here.  I’ve also included the AutoHotKey code below.

If you wish to leverage the IMUGR upload you’ll want to check out this video and create an account here so you can get your own oAuth token.