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AHKScriptScanner is a great free tool to help evaluate AutoHotkey scripts


AHKScriptScanner can help you spot RATs!

Some say there’s no such thing as bad press.  Well when AutoHotkey gets mentioned as a vehicle for distributing RATs (Remote Access Trojans).   In this article they discuss how someone was using FileInstall to alter installed files.

If you have an executable, you can watch this video to see a few approaches below how to decompile your script or read this post on the AHK Forum

Is AutoHotkey Safe?- How to evaluate an AutoHotkey Script
Is AutoHotkey Safe?- How to evaluate an AutoHotkey Script


AutoHotkey Webinar 5/18- ScriptScan

AutoHotkey webinarWe had a great AutoHotkey webinar today!

Hour 1: ScriptScan and helping attendees

Hour2: Following up with attendees

Script highlight: ScriptScan

AHK RAT Loader

The Morphisec Labs team has tracked a unique and ongoing RAT (Remote Access Trojan) delivery campaign that started in February of this year. This campaign is unique in that it heavily uses the AutoHotKey scripting language—a fork of the AutoIt language that is frequently used for testing purposes. The RAT delivery campaign starts from an AutoHotKey (AHK) compiled script

Download AHKScriptScan

Learn how to decompile scripts in this video on how to protect against decompiling scripts


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