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AutoHotkey Podcast 68: Amazing ways to Sell Software in 2020

Amazing ways to Sell SoftwareAs a follow-up to our previous podcast where we talked about 6 great ways to make money with AutoHotkey.

In this session we dive-deep into the column where we Amazing ways to Sell Software and discuss pros/cons of each approach.

In addition to Jackie Sztuk we have special guests:

  • Charlie Simmons (Tank on the AHK Forum)
  • Jean Lalonde (author of Quick Access Popup and guest presenter on many AutoHotkey Webinars)
  • Isaias Baez (Raptor X / AHK Tuts on YouTube and new employee here at the-Automator)
  • Ryan Wells (Amazing International Marketer and Social media guru)

This was a great and lively discussion!  I’d like to thank all of our commentators for taking time out of their day to join Jackie and I in this great discussion about selling software.  Hopefully we can plan another get-together like this on additional topics.  If you have any ideas of what you’d like covered, please feel free to let us know using our contact page.

Amazing  ways to Sell SoftwareAlso, if you have other Amazing ways to sell software that you thought should have been mentioned, please add a comment to the video.  There’s so many alternatives these days that it makes the head spin!

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Amazing ways to Sell Software