Transfer systems automatically regardless of their sources

transfer systems

Transfer Systems regardless of their sources

Our clients enter campaigns into a SharePoint page that need to be transferred to our CMS. Unfortunately the two systems are not tied in any way and there are no existing API Web Services that we can leverage.

There are over 250 items that might be selected which means we end up taking a lot of time to, manually, transfer the campaigns.

I wrote a script with AutoHotKey that automates much of the process (as well as replacing Unicode values with their HTML equivalents).  This allows me to transfer systems automatically with very little effort!

This saves a TON of mundane time by performing web scraping with AutoHotkey and is more reliable than doing it manually.

Web Scraping and emailing data to client via Outlook

Web Scraping and emailing dataWeb Scraping and emailing data

Do you frequently  access a Web page / then have to write an email regarding the data you gathered?  I had to look at our SharePoint and then email clients based on what I found.   The email is sent via Outlook and is tailored, specifically, to my client.  Saves me a ton of time!

It is easy to use AutoHotKey to read various aspects of a SharePoint site and write custom emails tailored to the respondents.

Web Scraping and emailing data video demonstration