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AutoHotkey Webinar- SQLite3 with AutoHotkey

SQLite3 with AutoHotkeyIn today’s webinar Jean Lalonde, author of Quick Access Popup, lead us through a demonstration how to use SQLite with AutoHotkey.

Video Hour 1:  High level overview

Video Hour 2: Continue overview and Q&A

Script Highlight: This was actually a “website” highlight.  Skrommel’s 1-hour Software is a great site with 116 examples of scripts that can manipulate various tasks on Windows.  His code is available both as an executable as well as the AutoHotkey source files.

SQLite3 with AutoHotkey

Here is a link to the SQLite3 with AutoHotkey files Jean shared and reviewed below

–SQLite files:

–Class_SQLiteDB library (by just me)

–Utility DB Browser for SQLite


  • Open an existing database

–Display error report

  • Query the database
    • in a RecordSet with Query()
    • in a Table with GetTable()
  • Execute various commands
    • Insert rows into a table
    • Delete rows



  • Store and retrieve binary large objects (BLOB)


  • Create a new database
  • Create table and indexes
  • Insert multiple rows (import)
  • Display in a ListView with GetTable
  • Execute various commands
    • Alter table (add columns)
    • Vacuum the database

Using transactions