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Happy World Productivity Day: You Won’t Believe the Earliest Text Expansion Ever! 😱📚

Happy World Productivity Day Matt!

Today’s the say where we should sit back and reflect on how much time we’ve saved automating the mundane.

I was watching something on YouTube the other day and it hit me  When would you say was the earliest implementation of the idea of HotStrings / Text Expansion?    (think about the concept, not “code”)

Some of you might be thinking about using text expansion on your smart phone.  Nope!

Others might be thinking about the AutoCorrect in MS Office.   Not even close!

During this video in 1991 Bill Gates demonstrates “using a macro” for sending text but that still is way too recent!

The first time anyone used the general concept: Create a tool that they can be used repeatedly that will send text without writing it out was   (drum roll please)


That’s right.  It goes back to when Johannes Gutenberg created the Gutenberg press.

At first this might seem like a joke but think about it:

Before the press, Monk’s had to hand-copy every book, article, letter.

Just like using HotStrings, the press allowed someone to spend a little time up front setting up a tool that made sure the “source” was correct and then mass use that tool over and over picking up amazing amounts of time in both speed and accuracy.

It also allowed the few people that were literate to let others “crank out” the information, reliably, and light-years faster that doing it by hand.

Most importantly, from the human perspective, it freed up people from some horribly mundane tasks!

As you probably know, the Gutenberg press revolutionized the world

To some extent HotStrings are even MORE powerful!  They can be easily configured by virtually anyone and ready to use in any Windows program!

I hope you’re having an amazing day!   Don’t forget to spread the word about today being World Productivity Day.   We need to get people to recognize productivity is an important part of their life!

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World Productivity day is June 20th

I find it extremely sad that World Productivity is not a well celebrated day.   ☹  Especially in a world where AI / Chat GPT is threatening to replace people in their jobs.

I think most people that come to AutoHotkey do so because they want to be more productive.  Sure, there are plenty of other reasons to use AutoHotkey however the #1 driving force is we want a simpler / faster way to do the same thing we’re already doing.

Learning AutoHotkey is, by far, one of the best ways to be more productive!  As I’ve said before

Knowledge is power;  Automation knowledge is a “super-power”💪

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Happy World Productivity Day 2022❗

World Productivity DayDid you know that today is “World Productivity day”? My guess is you didn’t. ☹

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