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Direct Marketing 3- Testimonials and Referrals | Plus Safeguarding your credibility and Tracking

In this session Ryan and I discuss how amazing testimonials and referrals are and that most businesses should be leveraging them (but don’t.)    We also discuss how to get them, how to turn un-satisfied customers into positive ones and Social approval.  Here are links to resources discussed:

  1. Al & Laura Ries: The Fall of Advertising and Rise of PR
  2. Dan Kennedy: No B.S. Guide to Maximum Referrals and Customer Retention
  3. Dan Kennedy: No B.S. Trust Based Marketing
  4. Dan Kennedy: Make them believe
  5. Get 10,000 likes on your Facebook business page
  6. David J. Lieberman: Executive Power   (below are a few excerpted chapters from this amazing book)
    1. Spot a bluff
    2. Quickly Handle Any Customer Complaint. . . And Turn It To Your Advantage
    3. Get back any customer you lost, no matter why they left
    4. The Psychological Strategy to gain Ironclad Loyalty
    5. Sway the room: How 1 voice can change the choir
  7. Pretty Links WordPress plugin (great for tracking)
  8. Dan Kennedy: 10 Rules of Direct Marketing (#4 is tracking)

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