Text Expander with AutoHotkey for HotStrings with Long Replacement Text

Text Expander windows autocorrectHotStrings with AutoHotkey are a Text Expander that:AutoHotkey Merchandise-White Stress ball

  • Quickly get you to be more efficient
  • Reduce likelihood of Carpal Tunnel
  • Improve Accuracy/Reliability you use correct content

While HotStrings are very easy to add and use, I take a little different approach when the text I’m inserting is long (over a couple of lines).   Using the Join command for long text can greatly help readability of your code as well as do some fun manipulation.  Here is the code I work through in the below video

#Include <default_Settings>
;~ https://autohotkey.com/docs/Scripts.htm#continuation ;scroll down after loading page
;***********Join***Text Expander**************** 

`s Space  `r`n=CR+LF  |=pipe
LTrim: Omits spaces and tabs at the beginning of each line
% (percent sign): Treats percent signs as literal rather than as variable reference
Comments Allows semicolon comments
, (comma): Treats commas as delimiters rather than as literal commas. 
try:="hello world"
( Join`r Comment Ltrim
---- this is what I need to do to show  on the totals -----
select distinct cm.EMAIL_ADDRESS Email,cm.UPLOADING_COUNTRY  
    from ods.em_camp_global_contact_master cm  ;another comment
    inner join ods_email.sp_engage_all_eventtype_master aa on (cm.EMAIL_ADDRESS=aa.EMAIL_address) ;join on email address
    WHERE  aa.event_timestamp > CURRENT_DATE - INTERVAL '1' MONTH  --Date '2015-06-01' 

SendInput, %var%


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And this Text Expander with AutoHotkey for HotStrings with Long Replacement Text

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