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Text Expansion on a Windows PC with AutoHotkey (HotStrings) Course

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What you’ll learn

  • How to drastically speed up your typing and improve your accuracy
  • How to type short abbreviations that will expand in any windows program
  • How to quickly fill out forms / emails / etc. that require the same text
  • How to Autocomplete words in any Windows program
  • How to Trigger programs and/or Events by typing a few keys
  • How to apply HotStrings to Courtroom typing
  • How to have templates of pre-defined text snippets at your fingertips
  • That text expansion is your friend
  • Why hotstrings are the simplest way for you to begin working smarter, not harder
  • How AutoHotkey can save you time after just a few minutes of learning
  • How you can create a list of medical terms and have them at your fingertips

You can get the course by clicking here. Remember, you can get a 25% discount by becoming an AHK Hero.

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