Direct Marketing 4- Understanding your customers & the importance of Relevance

Understanding your customersIn this session Ryan Wells and I discuss how critical it is to Understanding your customers.  And how critical it is to make sure your communications with them are relevant, timely and focus on them.  Below are resources discussed in the video.

  1. Content needs to be relevant to the target market.  Don’t worry about length
    1. Dan Kennedy: The Ultimate Marketing Plan
    2. Julian Simon: How to Start and Operate a Mail-Order Business (good explanation of Lifetime Customer Value)
    3. Dan Kennedy: Finding Ideal Customers  (Whales)
    4. Dan Kennedy: The Ultimate Marketing Sales Letter
    5. Victor O. Schwab: How to Write a Good Advertisement
    6. Joseph Sugarman: The Adweek Copywriting Handbook
  2. Facebook’s Audience Insights
  3. Targeting people in Facebook groups
  4. Dan Kennedy: No B.S. Direct Marketing
  5. Dan Kennedy: Magnetic Marketing
  6. Dan Kennedy: No B.S. Marketing To the Affluent

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