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Use Fiddler to monitor network traffic

Use Fiddler to monitor network trafficBeing able to easily monitor your network traffic is very helpful when working with APIs as well as Web Scraping.

In these two videos I demonstrate how to use Fiddler to monitor network traffic.  Fiddler is a great, free, tool that can help you see what traffic is going on behind the scenes from browsers, programs, apps, and AutoHotkey.  FYI- If you don’t care to use Fiddler / an external tool, a lot of this can be done with the developer tools inside a browser however they are somewhat limited in functionality.  I’ve tried other network monitoring tools but they are ridiculously complex.

Use Fiddler to monitor network traffic

Intro to using Fiddler to peek at traffic

Use AutoHotkey to easily clear network traffic in Fiddler

;*********************Clear traffic in Fiddler   Need to uncomment**********************************
;~ #IfWinActive ahk_exe Fiddler.exe  ;Uncomment this if you want to only do it when Fiddler is Active
^+c:: ;Hotkey to clear traffic
ControlFocus,WindowsForms10.SysListView32.app.0.2bf8098_r6_ad12 ;Control where Traffic is (must be active)
Send ^x ;Clear Traffic
;~ #IfWinActive ;Uncomment this if you uncommend the above #IfWinactive




Using Filters in Fiddler to clean-up what Fiddler is tracking



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