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V1 is Dead❗ Sleep better by switching to v2 today!

April is stress awareness month; has anyone mentioned that to the IRS❓

And if that isn’t enough, as I mentioned in last week’s newsletter AutoHotkey v1 is officially dead (as far as Lexikos is concerned) .

I did confirm that JeesWG is planning on forking v1 and backporting some functionality from v2 however it’s uncertain if he, or others, will keep fixing bugs, etc.  You can watch for the v1 fork on his website Bazzle.

If you’re stressed out about v1 dying and wanting to migrate to v2, I’m having a sale on a V2 courses UNTIL April 15th to help ease the transition to v2.

Keep in mind, for your longer / complex scripts we are not recommending you convert them to v2 (assuming they are working).

V2 is not any “faster” in execution

All the “gains” that come with v2 come from the time savings of developing your code (especially in GUIs or when you’re doing advanced programming).

Here’s a quick summary of how we see v1 and v2

V1 Pros:

  • Very easy to do basic things (even for non-programmers)
  • Lots of available Editors / IDEs & easy to setup
  • Lots of libraries, functions, and training are available
  • AI tools currently provide decent AHK v1 code

V1 Cons:

  • Deprecated (officially dead & not expecting bug updates)
  • Intermediate / Advanced topics are more difficult to code
  • GUIs are not objects & harder to track events
  • More difficult to use if you’re familiar with other languages
  • Not very likely for new libraries to be developed
  • Often doesn’t inform you of errors

V2 Pros:

  • Current official version (and Lexikos is soon to release 2.1)
  • GUIs are objects & easier to work with
  • GUI events are much easier code
  • Fat Arrows can streamline your code
  • More similar to other programming languages
  • New functionality & libraries are coming out all the time
  • GIT integration in VS Code is super helpful when working with others or having versions of your script
  • Much more precise error reporting

V2 Cons:

  • Steeper learning curve (especially for non-programmers)
  • VS code is, currently, you’re only “solid” IDE & takes time to learn (BTW– we’re close to finishing a new course on setting up and using VS code)
  • Currently not as many Libraries, scripts, etc. available for v2
  • Chat GPT/AI currently still not writing great scripts
  • Non-developers may not like all of the errors & warnings

What we recommend

If you’re a non-programmer and only plan to do very, very basic things with AutoHotkey, you might stay with v1.   Granted, we’re a bit nervous about not receiving bug updates & new features. However, if what you have is currently working, you’d probably be okay for another 5-10 years.

If you’re expecting to do anything with a GUI or anything beyond the basics we highly recommend switching to v2.

Reducing your Stress & Helping you Make the Switch

To help reduce your stress until April 15th we thought we’d put our v2 courses on sale.   Below are brief descriptions of the courses with links to both learn more and buy them for HALF Off!   And don’t forget all of our courses come with a double-your-money-back guarantee❗

Personal Closing Note

I just finished my 2023 taxes🤢 and, as always, I’m pissed at how much of my hard-earned money is getting gobbled-up by the IRS.  If you haven’t heard it already I highly recommend you listen to Oliver Anthony’s “Rich men North of Richmond” song.

Every time I listen to the song I feel like going on a “Jerry Maguire” writing binge pointing out things that so many people these days seem to not realize.  I feel like it is only a matter of time before Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” becomes a documentary instead of fiction.   ☹

Oliver Anthony – Rich Men North Of Richmond

Oliver Anthony - Rich Men North Of Richmond

Joe Glines

P.S. Listening to a seminar over the weekend I heard the following quote:

Nothing happens until something moves — Albert Einstein

So don’t sit there and let life pass you buy.  AutoHotkey is a life-changing tool and 💯% is within your grasp.  You can learn a ton for free from our YouTube channel or get structured short lectures giving you a clear path from our AHK Courses.  Of course our AHK hero club is also a great way to get 1st-hand direction from recognized AHK experts. Just make sure you get your courses before EOD April 15th

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