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We will rebuild!- Dallas Blizzard 2017

Right now the entire US is experiencing the coldest front in 100 years.   The Dallas Blizzard 2017 is taking its toll but, don’t worry, somehow we’ll survive!

In truth the real “danger” in the south is not from the cold, it is from the idiots in the south that are trying to drive because they typically have NO CLUE what they are doing!

Dallas Blizzard 2017

Dallas Blizzard 2017
Nearly as funny as the above meme is this video by Stehpen Wilfong, a North Carolina man, pretends to be a news reporter while satirically mocking the reaction southerners have to snow and winter weather.


Thankfully Amazon has you covered! You can order this hand-made Ear & Nose warmer set from “Aunt Marty”.   LMAO

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