Web Scraping with AutoHotKey 108- use querySelctorAll for added flexibility

Web Scraping with AutoHotkeyWeb Scraping with AutoHotkeyWeb Scraping with AutoHotkey is fun and easy however some web pages don’t have Names, IDs, or classNames set up.  Other times the pages are pretty sophisticated and you want to grab something very specific (w/out writing a lot of code).   I recently learned about QuerySelctor which uses the CSS Selector.

This W3schools page has a great, dynamic tool, that is very helpful to understand what is being grabbed.  Here is a screenshot of clicking around on the above tool which will help you get the concept.
Web Scraping with AutoHotkey QuerySelectorAll

Below is a video documenting various method calls.Web Scraping with AutoHotkey

Web Scraping with AutoHotkey Tutorial 8- QuerySelectorAll

And lastly here is the script I used walking through the video.

;~ https://the-automator.com/web-scraping-intro-with-autohotkey/ ;video series & AutoHotkey syntax writer
;~ https://www.w3.org/TR/css3-selectors/#negation
;~ http://www.w3schools.com/cssref/trysel.asp ;this is a great tool for testing how it works!
;~ http://help.dottoro.com/lcoeqcte.php
;~ http://www.cheetyr.com/css-selectors ;cheat sheet
;~ http://code.tutsplus.com/tutorials/the-30-css-selectors-you-must-memorize--net-16048
;~ http://www.w3schools.com/cssref/css_selectors.asp
;~ https://www.w3.org/TR/css3-selectors/#selectors
gosub Start_Page ;make sure on 1st AutoHotkey start page
gosub High_Level
;~ gosub Radio_And_Checkboxes
;~ gosub Elements
;~ gosub Class_and_Attributes
;~ gosub ID_And_Attributes
;~ gosub Attribs_And_Elements
;~ gosub Nesting
;~ gosub Advanced
;~ gosub Negation

;~ SciTE_Output(Pwb.document.documentElement.OuterHTML) ;typical way to get all html
;~ SciTE_Output(Pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“html”)[0].OuterHTML) ;get entire html of page

;~ SciTE_Output(Pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“body”)[0].OuterHTML) ;Get html body of page
;~ MsgBox % Pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“img”)[0].OuterHTML ;Gets 1st image
;~ len:=Pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“img”).length
;~ loop % Pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“img”).length
;~ imag.= a_index a_tab Pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“img”)[a_index-1].href “`r`n”
;~ SciTE_Output(imag)

;***********check box / radio buttons*******************
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“option”)[2].innerTEXT ; 1st one Not selected
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“option:not([checked])”)[3].outerHTML ; 1st one Not selected
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“option:checked”)[0].outerHTML ; gets the 1st div where id is parent element
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“option:disabled”)[0].outerHTML ; NEED TO TEST
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“option:enabled”)[0].outerHTML ; finds first enabled

;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“input”)[0].outerHTML ; gets the 1st input tagname
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.queryselectorAll(“p”)[0].outerHTML ; gets the 1st div where id is a sibling
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“#header-container”)[0].outerHTML ; gets the 1st div where id is parent element
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“.socialicons”)[0].outerHTML ; gets the 1st class having entry-title

;***********Classname and Attributes ***********************
Class_and_Attributes: ; . finds class
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“.socialicons[title=’LinkedIn’]”)[0].outerHTML ; gets the 1st class having entry-title
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“div.hfeed, div.a2a_button_twitter”)[0].outerHTML ; gets works as Or

;***********IDs and Attributes*******************
ID_And_Attributes: ; # finds ID
;~ Matching Substring at Beginning ^= or $= for at the End use *= for matching pattern
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“[id=’header-container’]”)[0].OuterHTML ; gets the 1st id=header-container
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“[id^=’header-con’]”)[0].OuterHTML ; gets the 1st id starting with “header-con”
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“[id|=’secondary’]”)[0].OuterHTML ; gets the 1st id where values are hyphen-seperated-values
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“[id$=’container’]”)[0].outerHTML ; gets the 1st id ending with “container”
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“[id*=’cont’]”)[0].outerHTML ; gets the 1st id having “cont” somewhere in it
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“[id~=’sheader’]”)[0].OuterHTML ; gets the contains sheader
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“#header,#prime_nav”)[0].OuterHTML ; gets id header or id prime_nav

;***********Attributes with Element / Attribute *******************
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“input[placeholder]”)[0].outerHTML ; gets the 1st input element having an attribute of “placeholder”
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“script[type=’text/javascript’]”)[0].outerHTML ; gets 1st script with type =”text/javascript”
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“[id=’tag_cloud-3′] [title=’18 topics’]”)[0].outerHTML ;gets 1st title “18 topics” title INSIDE tag_cloud-3 ID
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“[id=’tag_cloud-3′] [href*=’humor’] “)[0].outerHTML ;gets 1st “humor” href INSIDE tag_cloud-3 ID

;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.queryselector(“[id] > div”).outerHTML ; gets the 1st div where id is THE parent element (meanind direct child)
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.queryselector(“[id] ~ div”).outerHTML ; gets the 1st div where id is a sibling
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.queryselector(“[id=’topbar’] > div”).outerHTML ; gets the 1st div where id is parent element
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.queryselectorAll(“h1,h3,span”)[0].outerHTML ; gets the 1st h1, h3 or span element
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.queryselectorAll(“a[href*=’glines’]”)[0].outerHTML ; gets the 1st div where id is parent element

;***********advanced web scraping with AutoHotkey*******************
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.queryselectorAll(“li:nth-child(2)”)[0].outerHTML ; Instead of incrementing index,
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.queryselectorAll(“li:nth-last-child(2)”)[0].outerHTML ; Starts at bottom and works backward
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.queryselectorAll(“li:nth-of-type(3)”)[0].outerHTML ; Finds nth type of li
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.queryselectorAll(“li:nth-last-of-type(1)”)[0].outerHTML ; Finds last nth type of li-then works backward
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.queryselectorAll(“li:first-child”)[0].outerHTML ; Finds 1st child of first li
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.queryselectorAll(“li:last-child”)[0].outerHTML ; Finds Last child of first li
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.queryselectorAll(“span:only-child”)[0].outerHTML ; Finds cases that only have one child

; find first ul on page- then find immediat children, then filter that to only 3rd item in set
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.queryselectorAll(“ul:first-of-type > li:nth-child(3)”)[0].outerHTML

;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“span:empty”)[0].outerHTML ; find span with no children
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“p::first-letter”)[0].outerHTML ; find span

;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.queryselectorAll(“input:valid”)[0].outerHTML
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.queryselectorAll(“input:optional”)[0].outerHTML
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.queryselectorAll(“input:required”)[0].outerHTML

;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“div>p>img”)[0].outerHTML ; img is child of p which is child of div
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“div * p”)[0].outerHTML ; p element that is grandchild or later descendant of div
;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“div p [href]”)[0].outerHTML ; p element that is grandchild or later descendant of div

;~ MsgBox % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“a:not([href*=’http’])”)[0].href ;first link that doesn’t have http in it

;~ loop % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“meta”).length
;~ li.=A_Index a_tab pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“meta”)[A_Index-1].name “`r`n”
;~ SciTE_Output(li)
MsgBox pause
;~ loop % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“meta:not([name*=’twitter’])”).length
;~ li.=A_Index a_tab pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“meta:not([name*=’twitter’])”)[A_Index-1].name “`r`n”
;~ SciTE_Output(li)

MsgBox pause

Loop % pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“a:not([href*=’facebook’])”).length
lnk.=A_index a_tab pwb.document.querySelectorAll(“a:not([href*=’facebook’])”)[A_Index-1].href “`r`n”

;*****web scraping with AutoHotkey*************************
;***********Make sure on right page*******************
pwb := WBGet()
Page:=PWB.LocationURL ;get current URL
if (Page != URL) ;If not on the right page, navigate to it
pwb.Navigate(URL) ; Navigate webpage
while, pwb.ReadyState != 4 ;wait for page to load
Sleep, 100

;***********SciTE output window function*******************
oSciTE := ComObjActive(“SciTE4AHK.Application”) ;get pointer to active SciTE window
If (Clear=1)
oSciTE.Message(0x111,420) ;Clear output
if (LineBreak=1)
Text:=”`r`n” Text ;prepend newline to text

oSciTE.Output(Text) ;send text to output pane
if Pause
MsgBox, 36, Continue?, Continue?
IfMsgBox No


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