Connect to APIs with AutoHotkey – Utilize one of the 20,000+ APIs out there!

APIAPIs (Application Programming Interface) are Amazingly helpful!  We had a great AutoHotkey webinar on using Webservices / APIs.  Be sure to check out the 2 hours worth of video as well as the references!

Here is a link to my API Syntax Writer. It will help write your AutoHotkey scripts will for API web-service calls. 🙂

I use Fiddler to help monitor network traffic. Check out my videos on Fiddler for monitoring Network Traffic.  They can really help understand what is being sent from the Apps / Website so you know what you need to replicate.

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In most of the below examples I use the below function I wrote to parse the parameters.  Please make sure you add it to your scripts or put it in a AutoHotkey library!

xmlHTTPRequest verse WinHTTPRequest

Check out this tutorial explaining a great advantage the xmlHTTPRequest has over the WinHTTPRequest

Example API Calls

  1. FullContact- Company & Person lookup
  2. Clearbit- Contact Search
  3. Data24-7- Return email address for a mobile phone number
  4. reddit- Return top 20 AHK posts from Reddit; avoid oAuth2 by leveraging browser cookies!
  5. SmartSheet- Extract JSON as well as binary data (CSV)
  6. OpenWeatherMap- Grab the current & forecaster weather conditions in XML or JSON
  7. Yahoo Query- Play with the highly-flexible Yahoo queries!
  8. Yelp- Work through oAuth1 & oAuth2 to connect to the Yelp API
  9. Zillow- Extract some great Real estate data from the Zillow API
  10. Zoom- Vendors often offer APIs to access your data.  I demo connecting to here.
  11. Zoom updated their API. I talk through how I adapted to v2 of zoom
  12. In this post I demonstrate connecting to v2 of Zoom’s API.  (the one above is sun-setting 5/2020)
  13. Google Maps– I work through four APIs: Directions, Timezone, Places, and GeoLocation
  14. RingCentral API Calls (Automate Texting, calling, etc.)

Comparison of Web Scraping Verse API calls

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