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Why I’m Thankful: Happy Thanksgiving❗

Today I’m looking forward to an amazing Thanksgiving with my immediate family!

I know a lot of you are outside the US thus don’t celebrate Thanksgiving however it’s probably the one holiday that I think really should have global appeal.

Being thankful for what we have is  a great way to stay humble and happy.   Too many people have a sense of entitlement and feel they are “owed” more because they are being held-back.

I don’t talk much about what life was like for me growing up (as it isn’t really relevant to automation) however I can say that I was able to achieve great things in spite of the shitty life I had growing up.

Here are a  couple of very short articles I wrote when I was in an English class in JR. college.

These will give you a tiny glimpse into what I went through in Junior high & Highschool (grades 7-12)

You see, my mother was a full-blown alcoholic😵.   Pretty much the worst of the worse❗

As an example, one day my siblings and I were all sitting around seeing who had the best “mom kicked me out of the house” story.    I thought mine was pretty good when I told them I was 17 and a friend called me up when I was at work and told me my mom was putting my stuff on the front lawn.


My sister was at the front of the line when she said “I was 16 and mom through a bunch of my clothes in a garbage bag and drove, and my puppy, to a bus stop and kicked us out”  (You have to remember this was decades before cell phones existed.

Sadly this didn’t win either.

My brother topped it all off when he said “I don’t remember how old I was but I was in 2nd or 3rd grade and I was walking home and saw all my stuff on the front lawn because mom had kicked me out”.


Anyway, my main point for mention all of this is I’ve seen some incredibly dark times and it’s probably why I’m so optimistic and grateful for what I have.

In a way I could probably thank my mother for her problems as it lead me, indirectly, to AutoHotkey.  You see I learned as a young kid to be self-reliant.   AutoHotkey enables us to do so much more and we don’t have to rely on people that will, for one reason or another, drop the ball and not deliver on their promises to you.

Having been through such dark and painful times gave me perspective.   I’m Over the moon happy that I no longer have to deal with the unpredictability of my mother (not to mention a crap load of others in my family incapable of love)

What are you grateful for?

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