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Free Window Snipping with OCR functionality (OCR requires Windows 10)

Window Snipping

Window Snipping

Being able to quickly and easily grab a “snap shot” of  your screen is incredibly helpful!  Our free Window Snipping tool does this and much more.

You can get an overview of the functionality watching the below video.   Simply download the script here

Here’s a high-level look at some built in functionality in Window Snipping

  1. Grab an area of screen and keep it on top
  2. Perform OCR on visible section (requires Windows 10)
  3. Automate attaching image to an Outlook email (and customize your signature)
  4. Save the files to your desktop
  5. Free!  Did I mention it was free?

Free Windows Snipping with OCR

There are a lot of ways you can use this amazing free snipping tool!  I use it hundreds of times a day!  Sometimes I even use it to cob-together two items that are far apart.  I simply take on snippet, move it closer to the other, then take another one incorporating both.  Whamo!  A snippet with what I actually need and use it elsewhere.  Then, when I’m done with it, I just click in the upper right corner and, like Vudu, it’s gone!

The built-in Windows snipping tool has a lot of cool features (and we’re working on some) however it is not very fast to use.  This tools is the bomb on speed!  Especially the OCR!  The built-in Windows 10 OCR object is amazingly fast and accurate!  Our tool points you in the right direction (gives you the links) to download other language OCR in case you don’t have them installed.

Another great use of it is on a wide or tall webpage, spreadsheet, etc.   Simply take a snippet and then scroll.  The snippet will stay in place and allow you to see it as well as the other part of what you’re trying to look at!

It’s really a breeze and I don’t know how anyone, especially people on a laptop, are able to survive without some sort of tool like it!

How do you use the Windows Snipping tool?  Do you use the built-in Google translations from the OCR?  Do you save the images to your desktop?  Or how about the built-in Outlook attachment functionality?

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